Forgetting To Floss? Try These Tips

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Tips To Help You Floss Regularly

Flossing is one of those very important and simple things we can do for our health. However, most people don’t do it enough. Maybe you floss for a couple of days leading up to your dental appointment but then quickly fall out of the habit? You are not alone. Most people brush their teeth every day but many forget to floss. Here are some tips to increase your flossing and improve your oral health.

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Learn why flossing is important

You might floss when you feel food caught between your teeth but otherwise may not think of it. If you floss and don’t see anything being removed, it is not very motivating. While removing food particles is an important benefit of flossing, the most beneficial part is disrupting the bacteria that form between our teeth. Your toothbrush simply can’t reach into all areas. If left behind, the bacteria can cause cavities and gum disease. There will always be bacteria multiplying and growing, requiring daily care to keep the bacteria levels under control.

Make a goal

If you have never been a regular flosser, you might want to start with a small, achievable goal of starting to floss once a week. Gradually increase the frequency until you are flossing daily.

Visual cues

If you keep your floss hidden away in the cupboard, chances are it will stay there. Try to keep floss in multiple places such as the bedside table, purse, car, bathroom, etc. While flossing before bed is ideal, if you can fit it in anytime during the day you will still reap the health benefits. While you are still developing the flossing habit, a post-it note with a “remember to floss” message stuck near your toothbrush will be a good reminder.

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Find floss that you like

There are lots of options on the market to choose from. Flavored or unflavored, waxed or unwaxed; there is something for everyone. Many people prefer floss piks since they convenient, easy to use and you can use them with one hand. If you have very tight teeth, you may like a more slippery floss like Glide. Once you find floss that you like, you will be more inclined to use it every day.

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Reward yourself

Once you have started flossing daily, you can feel good about improving your oral and overall health. Those with good oral hygiene usually don’t require extensive (and expensive) dental procedures, while their dental cleaning appointments become less intensive and pain-free. You can feel good about your fresh breath and smile confidently without worrying about red, bleeding gums, and tooth decay. If you are meeting your oral health goals, treat yourself to something you enjoy. A spa treatment, or maybe even a fancy new electric toothbrush, you deserve it!

Bleeding gums while flossing is common at first and is a sign of inflammation. The more you keep flossing, the less bleeding you will see and soon enough you will not have any bleeding or discomfort while flossing. If you have difficulty with flossing, your dental professional will be more than happy to practice your flossing technique with you. Set a goal and stick to it and eventually, you may even begin to enjoy your time flossing!

Do you Really Need Wisdom Teeth Extraction

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How do you know if you need your wisdom teeth extracted in Whitby?

Only a dentist can determine if you need wisdom teeth removal Whitby.

The dentist will examine your teeth first, he or she may even take x-rays to make sure exactly which way your wisdom teeth are pointing and how crowded your mouth is.

Extraction procedure

Once the dentist knows exactly what he or she is dealing with you will get an appointment to have them taken out.

You will be given anesthesia, the type will depend on your needs, and the dentist’s judgment as to what will work best for you to relieve pain. Most Whitby dentist has their favorite type of anesthesia be it local or general.

Once the anesthesia is working well the dentist will then extract the wisdom tooth.

Why have wisdom teeth extracted

A few reasons that you would need wisdom teeth extractions are;

  • Not enough room for them to come in
  • Pointing the wrong
  • Partially coming through and causing abscesses
  • Possibly causing serious issues such as TMJ

Those are just a few reasons that a dentist will remove wisdom teeth.

Finding the right dentist for wisdom tooth extraction

If you need your wisdom teeth removed you want to make sure you find the right dentist.

Your regular dentist may refer you to a dentist in the local area if there is not one in the clinic already.

Dr. Peter Yao in Brooklin Dental Care does oral surgery and is licensed for intravenous sedation. He can give you enough to allow you to sleep or stay awake without being nervous or anxious about your wisdom teeth removal.

If you are having issues with your wisdom teeth partially coming through but never make it through causing infection or pain make an appointment.

What Is Periodontal Probing And Do I Need It?

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What Is Periodontal Probing?

Periodontal probing is a common procedure done by your dental professional to check your gum health. Periodontal probing involves taking measurements of the gum tissue that surrounds the teeth. Six measurements are taken of the gum tissue around each tooth in your mouth. These measurements give an accurate assessment of your gum health. However, other factors also contribute towards an overall snapshot of mouth health.

How Is It Done?

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A diagnostic tool called a periodontal probe is used for periodontal probing. It is a thin instrument with a measuring tip at the end that is used to record pocket depths. A pocket is the area of space between the gum tissue and the tooth. Ever had a popcorn kernel or strawberry seed stuck under your gums?This is the area that the probe measures. However, probing is not an unpleasant experience like a stuck popcorn kernel.

In health, the measurement is between 1 to 3 mm. Additionally, bleeding is not present during the procedure in a healthy mouth.

Why Is It Needed?

If your gums bleed or if your pocket measurements are over 4 mm, those are symptoms of gum disease. However, in severe cases, it may signal periodontal disease.

During your comprehensive oral exam, or your periodontal cleaning, probing measurements may be taken. Bleeding during probing signals an area affected by gum disease or gingivitis. Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums. Bleeding gums are one symptom of gingivitis. Measurements above 5 mm means those areas have bone loss. Bone loss occurs when gingivitis progresses to periodontitis. Periodontitis involves loss of bone and gum tissue.

Keeping your periodontal record up-to-date allows dental health professionals to assess the health of your gums. Periodontal records allow them to track and compare your gum health over time. Even better, these records help to restore your oral health when experiencing gum diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis. Gums in an unhealthy state contribute to tooth loss and other adverse effects. Additional issues include adverse effects to health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular complications or premature births.

What Can I Do?

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Be sure to have regular periodontal cleanings to ensure optimal periodontal health. Also, ensure that your periodontal measurements are taken to help keep you on top of your oral health. Good Oral health contributes towards better overall health.

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Should Children get Dental Sealant on Their Teeth

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Children and teens are great candidates for dental sealants Whitby.

The coating is put on the surface of crown of the teeth especially the pre-molars and molars.

What is a dental sealant

The dental coating is a slender, plastic veneer brushed on the crowns of the teeth by closing up the grooves and indents and encloses over the enamel to provide a protective barrier which locks out food particles and plaque so that decay cannot begin to form on the teeth.

Whitby dentist can do dental sealants easily for your children and teens

How long does dental sealant last

The dental sealant can last up to 10 years; however, the sealant will need to be checked regularly at dental appointments for chipping and wear.

If the sealant has worn away or been severely chipped it is possible to place a new sealant over the tooth.

Adults, while it is rare, can also use dental sealants.

How is the sealant procedure done

Brooklin Dental Care is skilled in the procedure of dental sealants for children and teens.

The procedure is painless and you do not even need a local anesthesia.

  1. First, the teeth are thoroughly washed
  2. The teeth are dried completely and a permeable material is placed around the teeth to maintain the dryness
  3. Next, the chewing surface of the teeth are abraded by using acid on them; this helps the sealant adhere to the teeth better
  4. The teeth are bathed and toweled again
  5. Now the coating is brushed on the teeth; sometimes a special light will be used to help the coating dry.

Sealants can sometimes be used on baby teeth but most often it not put on until the adult teeth have come in.


Where to Go For Emergency Dental Problems in Whitby Ontario

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It is a Saturday afternoon and your child is hit in the face during sports practice, this causes damage to the teeth and bleeding.

Do you know which dentist in Whitby Ontario to see if you have a dental emergency?

Which office has emergency hours?

What is emergency dental

Emergency dental covers traumas from injuries, abscesses, and a crown or filling falling out.

Especially if there is bleeding that will not stop, these types of dental issues are emergencies and should be taken care of as soon as possible.

What to do during a dental emergency

The first thing is to remain calm.

Make yourself an emergency dental kit; it should contain emergency contact number for the dentist or clinic, gauze, a vial with a lid, and some filtered water.

If a tooth has been knocked out, pick it up by the crown area, rinse it, and put it in a container that is sealable with some cool milk. Take it to the dentist with you where he or she may be able to put it back in the socket. You can also try to put it back in the socket after you have rinsed your mouth thoroughly and then go to the dentist right away. With children the tooth most often re-attaches in the socket, adults do not have as good of a result doing this but sometimes it will also work for adults.

If there is bleeding, use a cool damp gauze and gently put pressure on it until you see the emergency dentist in Whitby.

Dr. Yao- Brooklin Dental Care does emergency dentistry. You should always care the emergency contact number with you in your car or purse and also keep it at home by the telephone so that when you need emergency dental care it is only a phone call away.

Finding a Dentist in Whitby

Finding a new dentist in Whitby does not have to be a difficult or time consuming task.

There are a few things you need to do in order to make sure you find a dentist Whitby that is right for you.

What to look for

When you need to look at to find a Whitby dentist; you will need to look at certain criteria to be sure that you find the one that fits your needs.

  • Your age group; are you in the children, teen, adult, or senior group
  • Does the dentist participate in continuing education of dentistry
  • Is the dentist taking new patients
  • Does the office take the dental insurance you have or if you do not have dental insurance will they be able to see you
  • Meet the dentist and see if his or her personality is one that you can be comfortable with
  • Check out the office; is it clean, does the dentist’s dental diploma hang on a wall there, is the staff friendly?
  • Talk to family, friends, and trusted co-works to ask for a referral also ask your primary care physician

Doing these things will help you find the right dentist for you.

Where to look for a dentist

There are plenty of good dentists in Whitby and Dr. Peter – Brooklin Dental Care is one of those good dentists.

Dr. Peter Yao obtained his Doctor of Medical Dentistry Degree from the University of Manitoba; he served 9 years in the military where he practiced dentistry on the base in Toronto.

Dr. Peter is good in all aspects of dentistry but particularly enjoys dental implants and oral surgery work. He is licensed and skilled in IV Sedation which helps anxious and nervous patients. He can help you with your dental needs just come by and make an appointment.

What Is A Frenectomy?

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A frenectomy is a procedure that can be done in dentistry to remove a frenum if it is causing harm.

What is a frenum?

It is a thin band of muscular attachment between two tissues. Frena (plural) are part of the normal oral anatomy, but sometimes the placement of the attachment can cause issues. There are two basic types: lingual (attaching to the tongue) and labial (attaching to the lips). They help to give stability to our lips and tongue.

Where are they located?

The most important or notable frenum attachments are located:

Under the tongue

This lingual frenum connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth. Sometimes this frenum can be tight or attached to the tip of the tongue in a way that restricts the tongue’s movement. This condition is often called being “tongue-tied” and may affect speech and eating.

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Above the upper two front teeth- This labial frenum attaches from the gum above the two front teeth to our upper lip. You can see this frenum by lifting up your upper lip. If this frenum attaches too low between the teeth or if it is oversized, it may cause a diastema. A diastema is a space located between two teeth. Sometimes a frenectomy and/or orthodontics is needed to correct this. This frenum may also cause issues with young children such as difficulty with nursing and difficulty with keeping the teeth clean.

Below the lower two front teeth- This labial frenum attaches from the gum below our two front teeth to our lower lip. If this attachment is too tight, it can pull the gum away from the tooth and cause gingival recession. A frenectomy may be needed to correct this, and depending on the extent of the recession, a gingival graft may also be needed.

What to expect during a frenectomy

Usually, a frenectomy can be done with just local anesthetic, although very young children may need general anesthetic.
A frenectomy is a simple and quick procedure with a relatively fast healing time. Stitches may or may not be needed.
Aftercare instructions will be given, and some stretching exercises may need to be done to prevent the frenum from reattaching.

Usually, frenum attachments are normal and do not cause harm. A dental professional can determine the need for a frenectomy, so if you or your child are experiencing any difficulties, contact your dental office.

Dental Braces Enhance Smiles in Whitby

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If your teeth are crooked dental braces Whitby can enhance your smile.

There are different forms of braces that can be used including invisible braces such as Invisalign.

How braces work

Braces work by applying a small amount of constant pressure on your teeth to move one way or the other.

Over time this pressure moves the teeth into the correct position leaving you with a beautiful smile.

The length of time braces remain on your teeth will depend on how crooked your teeth are.

Which type of dental braces are right for me

Only your Whitby dentist can tell you which form of braces is the right ones for you.

It will depend on how crooked your teeth are or if your bite needs to be addressed, and other factors.

Types of braces

Traditional braces are much smaller than they used to be; these are adhered to the tooth with resin and adjusted with wires and bands. They can be painful and cause injury to the inside of your lips, tongue, and cheeks. Some of these can be adhered to the back of the teeth as opposed to the front. Since they have become smaller they are more comfortable than they used to be and less noticeable.

Invisible braces are clear trays made specifically for your mouth that you wear a minimum of 22 hours a day. One of the advantages of these is that you can take them out to eat and while doing your usual daily oral hygiene; this reduces any tooth decay from food being caught in the braces next to your teeth and gums. When most people think of invisible braces, Invisalign comes instantly to mind.

Brooklin Dental Care has all types of braces and our dentists can determine which one will work best for your needs when it comes to straightening your teeth.

Is root canal in Whitby expensive?

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The Price of a Root Canal

Root canal cost Whitby depends on how extensive the procedure needs to be. The average price range is $440.00 to over $1,000.00.

Dental insurance may cover between 40% and 80% so your out of pocket cost will be few hundred dollars.

While it may sound expensive think about what will happen without a root canal.

Reasons for root canal

Root canals are used to save damaged teeth and stop future infections from the damaged tooth.

Damage can be from decay or injury but it is severe enough that it will cause infections and abscesses so the dentist will opt for a root canal in order to save the tooth.

The dentist will remove the nerve and pulp from the tooth, clean the inside where the material has been removed, and then seal it with a filling and place a cap over it.

Price of your teeth without a root canal

If you are concerned about the cost of a root canal, think about this.

The alternative to the root canal is to have the tooth completely removed. The downside to that is that you will need a bridge or partial dental.

Without a bridge or spacer, your teeth will begin to shift toward the empty space making the rest of your tooth crooked.

Another risk of having the tooth removed is that over time the bone where the tooth was will become thinner (people who have dentures find that the bone material dissolves over time).

Your Whitby Dental Office  can explain the issues of taking the tooth out and any issues that a root canal may cause as well as the benefits of a root canal.

Brooklin Dental can provide you all the information you need to make a decision and also perform a root canal safely in their office.

Is Bleaching your Teeth Safe

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Is bleaching your teeth safe?

Yes, the dentists who designed teeth bleaching made sure it is safe; however, there are some side effects.

Side effects of teeth bleaching Whitby are;

  • The bleaching solution can irritate your gums, the stronger the solution the more irritation
  • Tooth sensitivity can develop
  • Possible damage to tooth restoration

While these side effects are mild they can become severe so if you experience any of these side effects, you need to be sure to tell your Whitby dentist or hygienist, before you have your teeth bleached again

How is teeth bleaching done

You can do at home bleaching but the dentist can use stronger solution which will make your teeth brighter.

The over the counter kits have 6% or less of hydrogen peroxide; the dentist can use a stronger level of peroxide. They will make sure that it does not get on your gums to irritate them.

If you have tooth restoration they will be able to tell you if this procedure will cause damage to the restoration making it weak. The restoration(s) also, will not bleach like your natural teeth do so there will a difference of color between your natural teeth and the restoration(s).

The bleaching kits are generally in the form of strips or gel with trays which you place on your teeth. The strips are left on for a specific time generally between 5 and 30 minutes, trays are about the same length of time. These home kits can also be uncomfortable and therefore not left in as long as they should be.

The results of home bleaching kits can be disappointing if you have unrealistic expectations.

Brooklin Dental Care can help you have less disappointing results with an in-clinic bleaching as the strength is stronger than the home kits.