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Dental FAQs

Here are some of the top dental questions asked and answered.

1. How can I treat a chipped or broken tooth at home until I can get in to see my dentist? If there is bleeding, use a cool damp washcloth and press gentlely to slow the bleeding until it stops. If it is chipped and has sharp edges, use paraffin wax to place over it to help stop the sharp edges from cutting your tongue, lips, or cheeks.

2. How do I know if I need braces or have a bite that needs to be fixed? You will need to see your dentist who will examine your teeth and probably take x-rays in order to determine if you need to see the orthodontist who will make the final determination of your needs.

3. My wisdom teeth are trying to come through but will not seem to come through all the way will I need surgery? You may or may not, that will be determined by your dentist.

4. I want to straighten my teeth will Invisalign work? Invisalign works well for plenty of people but again, your dentist or orthodontist will help you determine which type of braces are best for your needs.

5. I have noticed some ridges on my toddler’s teeth what should I do. You should take your child to your pediatric dentist. If you do not have one you will need to find one.

6. Will my dental insurance cover cosmetic dental procedures? That will depend on the type of procedure and the need for it. Some dental insurance will cover a portion of cosmetic procedures some will not.

7. How can I whiten my teeth at home? Over the counter products can work if you follow the directions and use them properly.

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