10 Child Dental Care Tips For An Optimal Oral Health

10 Child Dental Care Tips For An Optimal Oral Health

Dec 20, 2018

As parents, providing the best care for your kids is a top priority, especially to their dental health. It can be challenging as most children find oral hygiene boring. That’s why there’s a constant research for effective and easy child dental care tips among guardians.

If you’ve tried almost every technique you’ve found on the web, it’s time to visit your kid’s pediatric dentist. Let them help you discover your child’s interest spark and use it to encourage them in cleaning their teeth.

The dental clinic in Whitby shares these strategies you can try with your kids.

Effective child dental care tips

  1. Be a role model. Most kids reflect their guardians and they copy what you do or say. So make sure you’re showing them good oral hygiene practices to follow. Brushing your teeth together with your kids also promotes a great bonding moment.
  2. Choose a trusted family dentist. A proven child dental care tips are to look for a pediatric dentist who’s not only expert with handling dental tools, but also with children. It helps to prevent creating a stigma about dental clinics and make it enjoyable for everyone.
  3. Start them young. As early as four months, babies should already receive oral hygiene care. As the dental clinic in Whitby suggests, use a clean, damp cloth to gently remove milk residues on your baby’s gums. When the first tooth appears, kids should start gentle and fun teeth brushing routines.
  4. Regularly bring them to the dentist. It helps them to get used to with the purpose of the dental visit and being comfortable with their dentist.
  5. Reminders are a must! Kids tend to forget and it’s your job to constantly bug them to do their oral hygiene routine. If they miss a day in brushing their teeth, they’re more susceptible to dental diseases.  
  6. Encourage your kids to brush at school. This child dental care tips isn’t popular however, it’s as essential as the other methods. While your child is at school, he’s eating food that might be bad for his teeth. Include his dental kit in his school bag from now on.
  7. Eat breakfast every day. Having a high protein breakfast makes your kids full and not crave for sweets.
  8. If you allow your kids soda, let them use a straw to reduce the exposure of the sweets on the teeth.
  9. Reduce sweets and prefer healthier alternatives. Fruits, crackers, and water don’t cause dental problems and actually help your kids ward off bacteria in the mouth.
  10. Practice a reward system for doing good habits. Show your kids how important it is to take care of themselves and their oral health. Let your imagination play with this such as leaving “tooth fairy” treats once in a while.

Learn more ways on how to care for your child’s dental health at the dental clinic in Whitby.

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