July 16, 2019

Do you want to meet someone you can ask about your dental problems? People often seem to shy away with the fact that their silver filling shows and say answer No to questions like above as it depicts that they are careless. That is why color filling has become more famous than the silver filling.

No damage to your smile: With the silver filling, whenever you will see yourself in the mirror, you will think that what has happened to your teeth and you may start hiding the fact that you have got dental treatment, so you may become shy kind of person, but if you go for colored filling then nobody will be able to identify that you have got a filing. So now you can maintain your smile without any worry.

Improved esthetics: When we talk about color based filling, it is completely customizing, and one can use it to make any shapes you want. Dentist these days mostly provide the shape of teeth which have already got a cavity. This is one of the best tools to be considered in improving the esthetic of the teeth.

Better long-term outcomes: It is color based filling. It does not mean that it is a short-term solution. It also provides a long term solution. It lasts in the range of 5 to 7 year depending on person to person who is using it.

Better for your oral health: Color filling put directly on the area where it is needed. Dentist clean that area and then put the color filling of the teeth. This may cut down many other steps and secure your teeth, which is a need which makes it healthier then silver filling.

No worries about mercury: Silver based filling comes with a mix of many metals which also includes mercury, there is risk associated with that, but that does not case with color filling, and it is safer than silver one.

If you still have any doubt regarding the teeth filling, we would suggest you fix an appointment with one of the renowned dentist Brooklin Village Dental Care. They will guide you at every stage.

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