5 Benefits of Dental Implants

August 3, 2021

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is biocompatible to the body. It is inserted into the jawbone to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Dental implants can replace one missing tooth or, in conjunction with fixed dentures, replace an entire arch of missing teeth. The titanium screw, once placed, is left for several months to heal into the bone, then a porcelain or ceramic crown is placed on top. 

Preserves Bone Level 

When a tooth is lost, the jawbone level in that area recedes away because nothing is there to keep it in place. The jawbone only stays at the correct height when it can support a tooth. Therefore, when a tooth is lost, it is important to place an implant sooner than later to reduce the risk of bone loss. If there has already been a loss of bone, a bone graft may need to be placed before the implant can be placed. Dental implants help to maintain the level of the jawbone. 

Prevents Surrounding Teeth from Shifting 

Tooth loss also affects the position of the surrounding teeth. The adjacent teeth are more likely to shift into the open space, and the opposing teeth are likely to over-erupt into the available space. This affects the positioning of all the teeth and even the way the teeth bite together. Dental implants help to close those open spaces to prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting. 

Can Last a Lifetime 

Dental implants are the best option for longevity when it comes to replacing missing teeth. If taken proper care of (proper daily cleaning, regular dental check-ups and cleanings), dental implants can last a lifetime. 

Most Functional and Aesthetic Option 

A dental implant isis the only tooth replacement option that functions looks, and feels like natural teeth. Dental implants are easy to brush and floss and don’t require more work than cleaning natural teeth. Implant crowns can match the exact size, shape and colour of the surrounding teeth for a perfect match. 

If you believe you are a candidate for dental implants or have any questions about them, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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