Are You Prepared to Live with Braces in Your Mouth for Some Time?

Are You Prepared to Live with Braces in Your Mouth for Some Time?

Feb 01, 2020

Your teeth have an important role to play in your life. They can help you to eat, speak, and most importantly smile gracefully. However, if you have a problem with your teeth that are crooked, or misaligned you will need to search for methods of teeth straightening if you want to give your face its shape. Searching for methods for straightening your teeth will not help unless you also research for an orthodontist near me that can provide you the treatment needed with braces.

You may be aware that having braces in your mouth will affect your daily routine. It should not influence your decision to have them but it would help if you understood the limitations of having dental braces and prepare yourself to live with them for some time. It will mean the difference between correcting the problems with your teeth to have a better smile or living with the problems you currently have in your mouth. Let us provide you some information about the limitations that you are certain to encounter.

How Long Will the Treatment Last?

The complexity of the problem in your mouth will determine the duration of the treatment. If you decide upon fixed braces the treatment usually lasts for 12 to 24 months but may require more time if your situation is complex.

If you opt for removal braces the time for the treatment will be around 6 to 18 months. The orthodontist near you may advise that a removable brace will be a necessity even if you decide in favor of fixed braces and finish the treatment with them.

How Many Orthodontic Visits Will You Need for Braces?

The braces in your mouth will need to be adjusted regularly to ensure they are working properly. You must schedule an appointment with the orthodontist treating you every 6 to 8 weeks. It is important that you don’t miss these appointments because it would extend the duration of the treatment.

Can Soreness Be Expected with Braces?

Your mouth is sensitive to changes and therefore you will require a few days to get accustomed to wearing the braces. Your teeth will not be comfortable during the initial stages when the teeth braces put pressure on them. You will also experience some discomfort after they are adjusted during scheduled appointments.

Unless you choose to wear teeth aligners some parts of the braces can cause discomfort to your lips and gums. The treating orthodontist can provide you with a clear wax to apply to the particular part that is causing the discomfort. However, if the discomfort continues and causes soreness you should be visiting the dental team or the orthodontist for advice.

Speaking Normally May Be a Problem

Your speech may be affected initially when the braces are fitted into your mouth causing you difficulties in pronouncing certain words. However, you should be able to overcome this problem and begin speaking clearly within a few days.

Changes in Eating Habits

Having conventional or ceramic braces in your mouth will restrict you from having some of the foods you love. You will be advised not to have sticky and chewy foods unless you have chosen invisible braces that can be removed when eating or drinking anything but water. Teeth aligners are removable and offer you better freedom than conventional braces but also require you to maintain self-discipline and place the aligners in your mouth immediately after you have eaten and cleaned your mouth appropriately. It is one of the many reasons why invisible aligners are preferred by adults that want to have the flexibility of removing the placements whenever they need to. However, this freedom is available for just two hours every day and should not be extended unless you want to extend the duration of the treatment.

Wearing braces as a child though difficult may still be convenient because children are not overly concerned about how they smile or look. Things will be entirely different for you as an adult if you are choosing to have orthodontic treatment to correct the problems with your teeth at a later stage in life.

Living with the braces is not impossible if you are willing to continue hiding your smile and staying away from socializing for a couple of years. However, it is imperative that you learn how to live with braces or consider invisible braces if you want to change the appearance of your teeth and begin to smile properly.

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