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Broken Dental Filling: What To Do?

October 30, 2018

Dental fillings are made of different materials, such as plastic, porcelain or silver/gold alloy. These are used by dentists to fill cavities. Oftentimes, the worsening of tooth decay causes a broken dental filling because the tooth can no longer hold the dental filling. In the same way, the filling and crown may slowly come off as it can no longer hold on to the tooth.

What to do when you have a broken dental filling?

When you experience this dental problem, it would be ideal to see your dentist immediately at the Brooklin dental clinic. Prior to the actual visit, here are two things you can do:

Put the cap back on if you still have the tooth crown.

If you still have the crown of the tooth, try to cap it back on after you have cleaned your crown very well. Use a dental cement as an adhesive and coat the inside of the tooth’s crown so you can reattach it. Most drugstores have dental cement available for patients. Other alternatives are denture adhesive and petroleum jelly so you can temporarily reattach the cap of your broken dental filling.

Put a dental cement if the crown is lost.

If the dental filling or crown is lost, put a dental cement directly on the tooth to cover it and prevent food particles from getting in. The dentist at the Brooklin dental clinic can easily remove the cement, so you will not have to worry about that.

Visit the dental clinic as soon as possible. Your dentist needs to check the broken dental filling and your tooth for any other added injury using a digital x-ray. This is necessary so the dentist can diagnose the severity of the injury. The decayed tooth is cleaned before a new filling is created at the Brooklin dental clinic. Then, a dental crown is put on top to conceal the new filling and add to the tooth’s aesthetics.

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