Broken Tooth? 5 Tips on Handling Damaged Teeth

March 1, 2019

Accidents and injuries can happen to anyone and anytime. Accidents are obviously not pleasant. Broken tooth is definitely not pleasant. Breaking a tooth can be very serious and severe. You must visit a dentist as early as possible. Broken tooth can take a toll on you mentally and physically. A broken tooth can be chipped, cracked or fractured depending on the type of injury or fall. Dentist in Whitby, ON says that broken tooth needs to be handled carefully or else can cause severe damage.

Let’s have a look on how you can handle this situation till reaching a dental clinic:

  • Rinse the mouth: You should rinse the mouth with plain warm water. It will clean the mouth in preparation for a potential dentist appointment. Make sure that the broken piece of tooth is removed before rinsing the mouth so that you do not swallow the piece of the tooth.
  • Try to stop the bleeding: In case of bleeding dentist near Brooklin, L1M 2J7 recommends using a soft clean cloth to gently apply pressure to the area. You can also use a wet tea bag as it will in stopping bleeding. A cold compress is the best solution as it also reduces any swelling that may be occurring.
  • Use dental cement: If the broken tooth is causing more discomfort and dental visit is going to take more time then you should consider getting dental cement from a local pharmacy. Dental cement is also helpful in severe cases of broken tooth.
  • Take pain medication: Broken tooth will evidently cause pain. So to control the pain you can have over the counter painkillers.
  • Do not fiddle with the tooth: It’s curiosity that killed the cat! So don’t play or fiddle with the tooth as if it will do more harm than good. Dental care in Whitby, ON says that broken tooth should only be left to the professionals.

Always remember that dental emergencies are like any other emergency. You don’t need to panic and contact a dentist near you immediately for guidance.

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