Dental caps or crowns can cover a damaged tooth or a dental implant.

Types of dental caps

There are four types of dental caps:
Ceramic these are popular for the front teeth as they are better at blending in with the natural color of your teeth.
Porcelain fused to metal this is stronger than just porcelain.
Gold alloys are a mix of mix of gold, copper and other metals that delivers a stronger bond with the tooth that does not fracture or wear away the tooth.
Metal allows consists of non-noble metals that are impervious to corrosion, it also requires less of the healthy tooth to be removed in order to cap the tooth.

The type of dental cap will depend on the position of the tooth that needs a cap. If you need a cap on a molar it will need to be very sturdy as the molar does have a lot of pressure on it when you chew.

Cap procedure

To fit the cap for your tooth, your dentist will first examine the tooth to see which type of cap or crown will best fit your needs.

Then the dentist will make an impression of your mouth in order to send it to the lab where your permanent cap will be made. He or she will also place a temporary cap on your tooth or implant.

When the cap comes back, the dentist will then remove your temporary cap, make sure the fit is correct, and bond the cap to your tooth or implant with a dental bond.

Caring for your cap

After your cap is bonded you care for it just like a natural tooth. Brushing and flossing as usual along with a good mouthwash. The dentist may recommend a mouthwash or toothpaste.
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