Learn All About Oral Piercings & Tooth Jewellery

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Oral Piercings

Oral jewellery and piercings have become a growing trend. Jewellery in the mouth has an aesthetic appeal. This includes piercing the lips, cheeks, tongue, teeth and surrounding areas. Unlike the oral piercings, tooth jewellery has become increasingly common and does not require making a hole in the mouth. However, since the oral cavity is a sensitive and extremely vascular area, it is essential to consult a dental professional before placing oral jewellery.

Oral Piercing vs. Tooth Jewellery

Oral piercings are done in a piercing or tattoo parlour. The area is marked, prepped and pierced using a needle. The jewellery is then placed and aftercare instructions are provided.

Tooth ‘piercing’ or jewellery is a simple procedure usually performed in a dental office. It does not require drilling into the tooth but instead preparing a tooth for a gem to be bonded to it. The tooth is first polished, dried and etched to create a surface to enable a bond. A bonding agent and composite resin are then used to bond the gem or jewellery into position on the tooth.

There are cases of piercing a tooth by drilling a hole through a tooth. However, this is never recommended, as the risk of the tooth breaking, chipping or dying is exceptionally high.

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Oral Piercing Precautions

Because of the risks associated with oral piercings dental health professionals warn against getting one. If an oral piercing is placed, it is essential to go to a reputable company.

  • The piercing studio should be a clean environment that uses sterilized instruments, a new needle and disposable gloves. The studio should not use a piercing gun.
  • Following the piercing make sure to keep the area clean. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap before handling the piercing.
  • Rinse your mouth at least two times per day for 60 seconds. Ideally using an alcohol-free antiseptic mouthwash or salt-water solution.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene brushing two times per day and flossing daily. It is essential to keep food particles away from the piercing.
  • Don’t touch the site with hand or foreign objects as it increases your risk of infection.
  • The jewellery should be made of surgical steel, gold or platinum.
  • Ensure the material used is not one that will cause an allergic reaction.
  • Maintain regular check-ups at your dentist to ensure the site is healing well, and no infection has formed.

Keep A Healthy Smile With Oral Jewellery. It is essential to know and follow all of the aftercare procedures following an oral piercing. A piercing generally takes 3-4 weeks to heal in the mouth. A reputable company should provide all additional steps to follow. If the site shows any signs of infections, or the mouth has any reaction, see your healthcare provider. Ask your dental professional if you are a candidate for temporary tooth piercing.

Who Needs a Dental Crown?

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When one hears the words dental crown Whitby, one will likely associate it to a dental procedure and may just be the last thing to come to anyone’s mind. In truth, it’s a device that may wind up saving a person’s tooth.

A Dental crown whitby is a cap shaped like a tooth with a purpose of covering a person’s tooth. It aids in restoring the strength, shape, size, and appearance of the tooth. Crowns are structured in such a manner that the visible surface of the tooth are entirely covered.

Reasons for a Dental Crown

When it all boils down to cosmetic teeth enhancement Whitby, there are some signs that one should pay attention if a dental crown is really necessary:

A root canal

Whenever an infection makes contact with the tooth nerve, it’ll start killing it. The dentist will require draining the tooth and refilling the tooth so it can be sealed off. When that’s done, a dental crown is added so that tooth can be strengthened. This prevents damage to the tooth while enhancing its protection.

A chipped tooth

Whether a person was involved in an accident or took a hard elbow to the face, if a portion of a tooth is missing, then a dental crown is needed to help restore the shape of the tooth.

Cavities in a tooth

While a cavity from a tooth isn’t something to worry about, cavities seen on a tooth surface can make it brittle. If a dentist finds multiple cavities on a tooth, then a dental crowd can be a big benefit rather than settling for a traditional filling.

Dental crowns are considered to be the best alternative to an implant. They offer extra protection and strength while preserving one’s natural tooth. If one is showing any of the signs mentioned, set up an appointment to a Brooklin dentist to get a dental crown.

When do I Need a Root Canal in Whitby?

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If one is experiencing severe tooth pain for a prolonged period then one is a candidate for a Root Canal Therapy Whitby. The procedure itself is intended to help relieve tooth pain. While not a lot people know which pain is made for a root canal, there are notable signs that one should place close attention to.

Notable Signs

Unbearable tooth pain

What sets pain of a root canal apart from other pain is that the pain gets progressively worse when one is biting down, chewing, or eating.

Prolonged sensitivity

While it’s understandable that there are people with sensitive teeth, those who require a root canal have sensitivity pain that lingers for longer than normal.

Inflammation of the gums

A painful tooth may also indicate the need for a root canal. The gums seen are usually painful to touch, appear swollen, and may have a hump.

Root Canal Procedure

Before a root canal procedure, Dentists in Whitby would numb the affected area to minimize discomfort. Once that’s done, the process is as follows:

A small hole is being made

The small hole is made to gain access to the internal part of the tooth to locate the area that’s causing pain.

The pulp chamber is cleaned

The pulp chamber is essentially a space within a tooth containing canals. When a root canal is being done, contents of the canals removed.

A sealing is being done

The canals are filled up and the tooth receives a dental crown. Such restoration process curbs the tooth from recurring infection.

Whenever one is experiencing tooth pain, it’s an indicator that something is wrong. Seek treatment from a Brooklin dentist right away to determine the best treatment possible to help relieve the pain.

What is the Difference between Dental Veneers and Crowns in Whitby?

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Dental veneers and dental crowns are mostly made from porcelain. The differences between are distinct. A dental crown is capable of encasing the whole tooth while a veneer is directly attached to the frontal aspect of the tooth surface. When a dental veneers Whitby is required, the dentist will shave off a very small layer of the tooth enamel while the rear and core tooth is left intact.


Dental veneers are typically razor-thin has a thickness of around a millimeter or less. Dentists in Whitby won’t require trimming much of the tooth material. In certain scenarios, reduction of the tooth isn’t needed so the time it takes to recover is short.

On the other hand, dental crowns have a thickness of more than two millimeters. They entail removing more tooth enamels than dental veneers.

Veneers: What They Do

Dental veneers can facilitate small changes in the tooth in terms of shape and color. However, dental veneers are far more brittle than dental crowns. Veneers can easily be dislodged or fractured by strong forces. But their advantage is that they’re stain-free and can be maintained by through proper diet and oral hygiene.

Reasons for Dental Crowns

A tooth can be trimmed down which means a dental crown can easily influence its shape. If the tooth happens to be broken or decayed, a crown that’s durable can resist any strong forces associated with grinding and chewing. Ceramic-made dental crowns Whitby have a natural appearance and are commonly utilized in restoring teeth for various reasons.


The main goal is to have durable and natural looking teeth. If one opts for dental veneers and dental crowns, the changes made will be remain permanent. Added restorations are expected to be made several years. When it comes to lifespan, both will largely depend on one’s eating habit, oral hygiene, and proper care.

Is jaw surgery safe in Whitby?

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Jaw surgery is a dental procedure that fixes jaw problems that can’t be repaired with braces on the teeth. Prior to a jaw surgery Whitby, one will likely have braces on their teeth to migrate to a new position. Such braces will remain during the procedure and adjustments will be made several weeks after the surgery is done.


Jaw surgery is typically done inside a person’s mouth. The surgeon will be creating incisions within the jaw bone and then moving them to their proper positions. They’re secured using plates, screws, and bands/wires that can be safely left in the bone.

In certain scenarios, the surgeon may require adding additional bone to one’s jaw. In other circumstances, the surgeon will be tasked to re-shape an existing bone for an improved fit. Jaw surgery is done on the lower jaw, upper jaw, or on both.

Pain and Swelling

During the procedure, the patient shouldn’t be feel a thing. But after surgery, one may experience pain similar to a wisdom tooth being pulled out. The only difference here is that there’s more swelling.

After Surgery

The initial healing of the jaw will take around six weeks after surgery. Complete healing will around twelve weeks or longer. By this time, the Brooklin dentist will advise the patient to a number of precautions that include:

  • Practice oral hygiene to minimize risk of infection.
  • Limit diet to soft foods.
  • Curb any sticky, crunchy, or chew foods.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Avoid taking part in any physically-straining activity.


The patient will be required to visit the surgeon after the first week, third week, and sixth week of the procedure. The patient will return on the sixth week for the adjustment of braces. When the bite is corrected, the wear-and-tear of one’s teeth enhancement Whitby should appear more balanced, improving one’s ability to chew.

What Is The Difference Between A Root Canal And An Extraction?

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Should You Have A Root Canal Or An Extraction?

Many patients are faced with the decision of either having root canal treatment to save a tooth or having the tooth extracted. Usually, this is due to the tooth becoming infected or abscessed. This can be caused by a deep cavity or dental filling in the tooth or a traumatic injury. An abscessed tooth is a non-reversible condition that needs to be treated, or it can lead to serious health complications.

Symptoms of an abscessed tooth

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Toothache – The pain, which is often severe, can be triggered by hot foods and drinks or chewing. However, the pain may also occur spontaneously with no triggers.

Gum boil/pimple – This indicates that the infection from the abscessed tooth is draining out into the mouth. While this may not be painful since the pressure is being relieved by the draining of the abscess.

Swelling – You may experience swelling of your face and the lymph nodes under your jaw may be swollen and tender to the touch.
If you are deciding between having a root canal treatment or an extraction, here are some points to consider.

Financial Considerations:

The cost of a dental procedure is often at the forefront of the decision-making process. However, in the short-term, having the tooth extracted is the more affordable option. However, if you opt for extraction, you may be left wanting to fill the space afterward. The options for filling a space left by a missing tooth include a dental implant, bridge or partial denture. These procedures may end up being more costly than having the root canal treatment. Your dental professional will be able to discuss all the options with you as well as the costs associated.

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Aesthetic Considerations:

Having a missing tooth can affect both your smile and your self-confidence, mainly if it is visible when you speak or smile.

Functional Considerations

Chewing – Depending on the location of the tooth or if you are already missing any teeth, losing a tooth may make chewing food more difficult.
Jaw pain – Having missing teeth can cause changes to your bite, making it unbalanced. This can lead to jaw joint pain and overworked jaw muscles.
Speech – Our teeth and tongue help us to form words correctly. Sometimes having a missing tooth can cause a ‘lisp’ when pronouncing certain words.
It is essential for you to be informed and comfortable with any dental procedure you decide on. Our staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Call us today!

What can dental sedation accomplish for my child in Whitby?

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The effects sedation Whitby in dentistry should help a child who might be scared, unwilling, or unable to receive dental treatment, to push through with the procedure without any stress, pain, or fear. While the dental office can offer a comfortable and friendly environment for children, there may be instances where dental sedation is needed to provide a comfortable experience for one’s child.

Notable Benefits

Dental sedation for children has a number of benefits including:

  • Keeping the child calm and relaxed.
  • Being able to carry out more treatment in a shorter time period.
  • Minimizes dental costs.
  • Provides patients with special needs extensive treatment.
  • Having little to no memory of the procedure being done.

Curbing Phobias

One of the biggest upsides with dental sedation is that it’s painless dentistry Whitby and helps keep the child calm. Children who are relaxed tend to be the ones who have little or no anxiety on their next dental visits. They’re also less likely to develop dental phobia, which can lead to major repercussions in their oral health when they grow older.

Enhanced Quality Treatment

Aside from its psychological advantages, keeping the child relaxed during dental sedation allows the dentists to carry out the necessary procedure with minimal resistance or disruption.

For certain children, sitting still for an extensive period of time can be challenging. While a dentist can get accustomed to such movements, dental sedation ensures treatment is done in a swift and efficient manner. For children who has sensitivity to the gag reflex, sedation can help minimize that “choking” sensation or the need to “throw up.”

Dental sedation is a method used to lessen a child’s dental fear and make them feel at ease during the procedure. If one is interested in the use of sedation on their child’s next visit to the dentist, contact the local Whitby dentist.

How Often Should I Undergo a Dental Cleaning in Whitby?

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Everybody knows that dental cleaning Whitby ensures one’s gums and teeth will look great and feel healthy. But a lot of people these often wonder how many times they need to have their teeth professionally cleaned.

That answer is that teeth should be cleaned as frequent as one’s dentist would require it. But it will also depend on the health of one’s gums and how committed one can be in maintaining their oral hygiene.

Is Yearly Cleaning Enough?

There are a number of factors that come to mind when figuring out when one should undergo professional dental cleaning, which includes gums and teeth health, routine oral hygiene, current lifestyle, and medical history.

One may only resort to dental cleaning once in a year if one’s teeth and gums are healthy, maintained their oral hygiene routine, and no risk factors are present that could lead to gum disease.

Frequent Cleanings

There are plenty of reasons that influence how one’s teeth should be professionally cleaned. If one develops gum disease but is fully committed to preserving their teeth, one will greatly benefit from frequent gum disease treatment Whitby.

In certain scenarios, the dentist may advise having the teeth cleaned once a month for a period of three to six months. Then transition to cleaning once every few months right after. If one has a history of gum disease, expect to have dental cleaning done more frequently to curb the disease from returning. Having frequent dental cleanings done may be needed if one is suffering from long-term health conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

Brushing teeth daily is a critical aspect to one’s oral hygiene. But dental cleaning helps keep the gums and teeth looking and functioning at their best. Dentists in Whitby can provide a suitable dental cleaning schedule to ensure one maintains a healthy and beautiful smile.

Halitosis Treatment in Whitby

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Halitosis, or bad breath, is a known issue that can trigger significant psychological stress. There are numerous potential causes that lead to halitosis. In fact, anyone can be vulnerable to this condition. Thanks to modern practice, halitosis treatment Whitby is available to everyone. Halitosis is said to be one of the common reasons why people go to the dentist.

Changes in one’s lifestyle and home remedies, like improving dental hygiene and not smoking, can eradicate the problem. But if bad breath persists, then it’s highly recommended to visit the dentist to check for any underlying causes.


One method to minimizing halitosis is to adopt a good oral hygiene. However, individuals are encouraged to visit the dentist for regular check-ups and cleaning. The dentist may recommend an anti-bacterial mouthwash or toothpaste containing anti-bacterial agents. If gum disease is present, a thorough and professional cleaning may be required to eradicate bacteria build-up in between the teeth and gums.


Typically, a dentist will smell the breath of a patient who has halitosis and give an odor rating based on a multi-point intensity scale. The dentist may be required to scrape the rear portion of the tongue and smell the scrapings since this is usually the part where the odor comes from. The dentist will then determine the cause or source of bad breath.


For the most part, a dentist can effectively treat the cause of halitosis or do broken tooth repair Whitby. If the dentist concludes that one’s mouth is healthy and the aroma didn’t come from the oral source, one may be referred to a doctor or a medical specialist to figure out the source of the aroma and come up with a treatment plan.

If the odor is a result of gum disease, the dentist can push through with gum disease treatment Whitby or refer one to a dentist specializing in gum treatment.

What Causes Gum Disease?

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Gum disease is a term used to describe an infection on the tissues the surround and support one’s teeth. It’s the primary cause of tooth loss seen in adults. Since gum disease Whitby is typically pain-free, one may not be aware of having it. This disease is triggered by the formation of plaque —- a sticky bacteria that frequently forms on the teeth.

Contributing Factors

There are a number of factors contribute to gum disease. These include:

    • Poor oral hygiene
    • Smoking
    • Hereditary
    • Unclean, crooked teeth
    • Diabetes
    • Use of certain medications (steroids, some anti-epilepsy drugs, cancer therapy drugs, and some calcium-channel blockers).

    It’s important to visit a Whitby dentist if one suspects gum disease. The sooner it’s treated, the better it is for one’s oral health.


    The early stage of gum disease is commonly known as gingivitis. If one develops gingivitis, the gums would appear swollen, reddish, and has a tendency to bleed. At this point, the disease can be reversed. It’s frequently eliminated through cleaning by a dentist followed by daily brushing and flossing at home.


     Gum disease at the advanced stage is known as periodontitis. This condition eventually leads to the loss of both bone and tissues responsible for supporting the teeth. The severity gets worse over time leading to unnatural “shifting” of the teeth.

    There’s still a possibility of developing gum disease without any warning signs. That’s one of the obvious reasons why dental checkups are essential. Methods of treatment may depend on the stage and progression of the disease.

    Having adequate dental care is critical to prevent gum disease from recurring or becoming serious. Brushing teeth a few times a day, eating a balanced diet, and making regular visits to an emergency dentist Whitby will ensure one a functioning and healthy teeth for a lifetime.