Is That a Cavity?

Do you have a tooth that is sensitive? Is it a cavity?
The only person who can determine that is your dentist.

What is a cavity?

A cavity or caries is an area that is damaged or decaying in the tooth which could lead to the tooth breaking, falling out, or to gum disease. Causes of a cavity are: bacteria, poor oral hygiene, injury to a tooth that was not repaired.

Cavity symptoms

Your cavity may have no symptoms: however, others may experience symptoms which include:
Sensitivity to hot, cold, or sweet drinks, and food or to cold air
Chewing that is painful

Treatment of cavity

The treatment of a cavity consists of:
Reversal of cavity if caught early can be accomplished, your dentist will give you a fluoride treatment as well as other prevention methods which can help rebuild the tooth on its own
Filling the cavity and placing a cap or crown over it will help strengthen and prevent more decay of the tooth
A root canal if the cavity is severe
An extraction of the tooth in the most severe case of a cavity

Prevention of a cavity

Prevention starts by brushing and flossing twice a day, using the proper toothbrush and floss. Using a good mouth rinse which your dentist can recommend that provides fluoride or one that helps reduce tartar build up on your teeth, or an antimicrobial mouthwash also lowers your risk of a cavity. Regular checkups and dental cleanings also help reduce the risk of a cavity.

Prevention is the best method of dealing with a cavity and far less expensive too. If you are experiencing symptoms or have concerns that you may have a cavity visit us at Brooklin Village Dental Care for an exam.

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