Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding is the procedure in which our dentist will bond resin to the teeth as per requirement. The tooth-colored resin has additional adhesives which are attached to the teeth with the help of high-intensity curing light. The procedure is mostly used for cosmetic reasons for improving the outlook of chipped or discolored teeth.
It is a useful procedure to make the teeth look longer or for changing their shape or color. This methodology is also advantageous when it comes to closing the gaps and spaces between the teeth. Our dental experts prefer using dental bonding in place of amalgam fillings for protecting a section of the roots of the teeth that are exposed due to receding gums.

The Process of Dental Bonding

At Brooklyn Village Dental Care, the procedure of dental bonding takes almost no preparation at all. The use of local anesthesia is not necessary unless the bonding needs to be done to fill a decaying or decayed tooth. Usually, a dentist at Brooklyn Village Dental Care matches the current shade of the teeth for choosing the composite color of resin. There are two different forms of dental bonding: adhesive bonding and direct composite bonding.

Adhesive Bonding
Adhesive bonding is the process in which a restoration attachment is used for the teeth. This technique is more useful for porcelain veneers, esthetic crowns, inlays & outlays and bridges.
When your dentist at Brooklyn Village Dental Care has selected the appropriate matching color as per the shade of your teeth, he will first rough up the surface of the teeth with the help of dilute phosphoric acid solution. Right after this solution is removed from your teeth s/he will apply a bonding agent and a putty-like resin as well. This resin is then smoothed and molded into the required shape. The dentist will harden the material with the help of UV curing light.
The professional will repeat the previous steps until the final form is achieved. The dentist will then polish the material until the sheen matches the rest of the teeth.

Direct Composite Bonding
In the process of direct composite bonding, your dental expert will use various tooth-colored composites including natural-looking or white colored materials. They use this material to fill the cavities as well. These materials are also useful for repairing the chipped tooth close gaps or cracks or even building up worn down edges.
Your dentist at Brooklyn Village Dental Care might also directly apply these composites to surface your teeth, the ones that are visible when you smile. This technique is useful for minimal invasive makeovers for your smile. Dentists call this method, direct composite veneers but overall it falls in the category of bonding.

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