Dental Bridges Vs Dental Implants

December 24, 2018

Dental bridges and implants are both used as tooth replacements to prevent teeth structure deformity. It also helps the patient restore his eating and speaking functions. However, these dental components are different from each other to suit a patient’s specific needs.

Dr. Yao carefully evaluates his patients to know which dental prosthetics work best for them.

How dental bridges and implants work

Dental implants are metal frame screws that dentists insert into the jawbone to serve as the base for the artificial tooth. On the other hand, dental bridges use abutment teeth or metal frame wings as a crown to support the pontic.

Aside from this distinction, more practical reasons differentiate the two dental treatments.


Dental implants aren’t recommended for kids as it needs a fully grown bone to endure the process. According to Dr. Yao, patients who have smoking habits may not be good candidates for dental implants. Illnesses like diabetes and periodontal disease can also complicate the dental procedure.

Meanwhile, dental bridges are less inhibitory as they’re less invasive. It only requires strong existing teeth to support the bridges.

Durability and aesthetics

Since dental implants are solid foundations for the artificial teeth, they can last for a lifetime. Implants also endure wear and tear that they remain to look good as new. Dental bridges last for 10 years at most, however, they can be fragile. Regular dental checkups must be followed strictly as well as oral hygiene routines to preserve the form.


Dental bridges may cost less than dental implants but they require changing after some time. There will be more reparation costs especially if the materials used are weak. Though dental implants are expensive; however, dentists like Dr. Yao still consider these as cost-effective because of longevity.

Fortunately, Brooklin Village Dental Care has flexible payment plans for their patients who need dental implants or bridges. The dentists and clinic staff values their client’s dental health more than anything!

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