Dental Crowns

If you are wondering if crowns are right for you, speak to your dentist at Brooklin Village Dental Care to find all the information you need to make an informed decision.


Crowns are used to reinforce a tooth as well as increase the tooth’s appearance, shape, and to help it align with the rest of the teeth.

There are four types of crowns: ceramic, porcelain, gold, and base metal alloys.
Which one of those crowns you may need will depend on factors such as:
• Do you grind your teeth?
• The cost of the crown
• Allergies to metal

Speaking to your dentist about these issues will help you choose the right type of crown for you.

Dental crowns and bridges

The difference between dental crowns and bridges is that the dental crown covers a tooth, the bridge fills a gap where one or more teeth are missing.
The benefit of crowns and bridges is to protect a weak tooth and improve the appearance, shape, and alignment.

Dental crown procedure

There are several steps in the dental crown procedure.
1. The dentist will provide you a local anesthesia in order to prepare the tooth for a crown. He or she will also make a mold of the tooth from which the crown will be made from at the lab.
2. Shaping the tooth requires that a certain portion of the tooth be filed away. If there is any decay or weak spots those will need to be dealt with so that the crown has enough structure to set on.
3. The dentist will then place a temporary crown with a temporary cement and you can then choose the type of crown and color you want.
4. When the crown comes back from the lab the dentist will then remove the temporary crown and replace it with the permanent crown.

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