Dental Filling

Fillings are used to restore a tooth’s functionality after it has been damaged by decay and fillings prevent further decay and damage. The dentist as Brooklin Village Dental Care will help you with restoring any teeth that need a filling.

What factors are considered in deciding what type of filling

There are three factors that are considered in deciding what type of filling will be best for your teeth.
The extent of the repair or filling in the tooth
Where the tooth is located in the mouth
The cost

The dentist will consider all those factors before he or she recommends a filling material to you for your teeth.

Types of filling materials

There are several types of materials available for filling material.
Amalgam or silver fillings are very strong and normally used in the back molar area to ensure that they hold up to the pressure of chewing food.
Composite resin
Composite resin or plastic which can be colored to the color of your teeth are fairly strong. Normally, this is used in places where it is visible the front teeth and in the cavity is small.
Porcelain is more expensive and not as durable as composite, however, it looks more like natural teeth.
Gold can be used for fillings but it is expensive.

Procedure for filling teeth

The procedure for filling teeth is:
The dentist will examine the tooth that needs restoration
You will be given a local anesthesia ( a shot in the gum and tooth area) that will be worked on
Once the anesthesia is working the dentist will remove any decay and debris through drilling and suctioning of the debris.
Now that the tooth area has been cleaned out the filling will be placed and then you will be given instructions on caring for the filling.

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