Smiling girl undergoing dental implants and bone grafting treatment in Whitby, ON.

Dental Implants and Bone Grafting Treatment in Whitby, Ontario

April 1, 2022

If you wish to continue living a healthy life, it is imperative that you take special care of your teeth. If you visit your dentist regularly, you might be able to prevent problems at the root level, hence avoiding any kind of invasive procedure. There are a lot of people out there who lose their teeth due to damage to the teeth or poor oral hygiene. In such a scenario, dentists usually recommend dental implants in Whitby, ON.

It is a procedure during which the dentist will replace tooth roots with metal and implant artificial teeth that will work just like your regular teeth. Another procedure that we will discuss here is dental bone graft treatment. So, let’s get into the details of both procedures.

Why Do You Need Dental Implants?

Dental implants in Whitby, ON, are placed into the jawbone and serve as the roots of missing teeth. The titanium used to make the implants fuses with the jawbone, so it won’t slip or make any kind of noise. Dental implants are targeted at people who have at least one or more teeth missing or have a jawbone that reached full growth.

To prepare for the dental implant surgery, the dentist will perform an in-depth dental exam which includes x-ray and 3D imaging. The dentist will then inquire about your medical history to rule out potential risks and problems. After that, the dentist will lay the treatment plan in front of you.

Risks of Dental Implant Surgery

Just like most surgeries, dental implant surgery also has a few risks. Keep in mind that these problems are risks are low, but they are still present. When you get a tooth implant and sinus lift in Whitby, ON, you may be at risk of developing an infection. There can be injury or damage to the surrounding structures like blood vessels or other teeth. Sinus problems and nerve damage can also occur; however, these problems are not something that you need to think about too much.

What is a Bone Graft, and Who Needs it?

Bone grafting in Whitby, ON, is a procedure that adds density and volume to the jaw in the areas where bone loss has occurred. The bone graft material can be taken from a number of places. It can be entirely synthetic (alloplast), it can be procured from an animal tissue bank (xenograft), a human tissue bank (allograft), and lastly, it can be taken from your own body (autogenous). This procedure is recommended in the following cases:

  • If you have bone loss
  • If you need to repair your jaw before getting dentures
  • Replacing a missing tooth
  • If you are having a tooth extracted

How Does Dental Bone Graft Treatment Work?

The simple way to explain bone grafting in Whitby, ON, is that once dentists place the bone graft in the jaw, your body will start to do the repair work and allow the bone tissue to grow and regenerate around the bone graft. Sometimes, dentists can combine dental bone graft with PRP or platelet-rich plasma, which is a sample of your own blood and helps increase healing and tissue regeneration.

Types of Bone Grafts

There are many different kinds of bone grafts, and each of them serves a unique purpose. Some of those types are as follows:

  • The first type is periodontal bone graft, which is the kind of graft that is placed around an existing tooth when its support gets damaged due to an infection.
  • Next, we have the sinus lift. The maxillary sinus sits just behind the upper back teeth, and when those teeth are missing, the sinuses can drop down and come in the way. With a sinus graft, that problem can be fixed.
  • If you haven’t had your teeth replaced in a long while, the jawbone can be thinner. With the help of ridge augmentation, the volume and width of the jawbone can be increased.
  • Lastly, we have socket preservation, a kind of graft placed immediately after tooth extraction. It is useful as it fills the void left by the tooth.
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