Does a Cavity in a Baby Tooth Really Need a Filling?

May 16, 2019

Maintaining oral hygiene of your kids can be difficult. Kids are more likely to catch dental issues like cavities. This may be because of their unhealthy eating habits and improper brushing. In such cases, when a child is prone to cavities, dentist may suggest filling as a solution.

Parents often wonder that is filing suitable for child’s teeth or not? There are some facts associated with cavity in baby tooth which are worth knowing.

All About Cavities

Cavities are common dental issues in kids. This is because of improper brushing, excess intake of sugary food & sweet milk bottle left in the mouth in the night, etc. This can be an irritating dental issue for a child and if left untreated, it may further exceed to affect the overall oral health of a child. Cavities can actually affect the overall growth of a child as well.

Baby Teeth Are Really Important

Teeth are essential for the right baby growth. It helps them chew food and obtain necessary nutrients for overall growth. Even when baby teeth fall in just few years, they are very important in early-stage growth of your kids. It is necessary to take proper care of baby teeth.

To Get a Filling, or Not to Get a Filling?

Parents wonder that, is it essential to treat cavities in baby teeth with filling? Even when baby tooth is temporary, it is pretty essential to treat any signs of cavities as soon as possible. If not treated, cavities may further grow to cause a problem for the remaining tooth. Filling can be an effective solution for cavities in a baby tooth. An expert dentist can further suggest relevant dental treatment for cavities depending upon the condition.

Prevention is the Best Treatment

With right care, it is possible to avoid cavities in kids. Some of the precautions are:

  • Limit the intake of excess sweet or high sugar drinks.
  • Make sure milk bottles do not remain in child’s mouth for long.
  • Help your kids in brushing.
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