Expert Tips for Taking Care and Managing Braces Problems

December 1, 2020

Typically, the braces procedure takes more than one visit to the dentist. It is a continuous process that may take up to three years, depending on your dental condition. The treatment is associated with some discomforts, and if you don’t follow the instructions from the dentist, it might take longer than expected.

In this blog, we will discuss tips for caring for braces, and then show you to handle some common orthodontic problems.

Traditionally, orthodontic treatments used to be for children and teenagers. But with the introduction of invisible aligners such as Invisalign® braces, even adults can enjoy the benefits of orthodontic treatments. The invisible aligners are comfortable, aesthetic, and removable.

Braces are easy to care for, but if you don’t know how to, you might make some mistakes, sabotaging your treatment. That said, here is the right way to take care of your braces.

Tips for Taking Care of Braces

Taking care of braces is not hard, whether it is metal or clear braces. As long as you do what is right, you can be assured the treatment will work just fine. Here are some tips to help you with your orthodontic journey.

Brush and Floss

Caring for your braces is pretty much like caring for your natural teeth. However, depending on the braces you choose, it might get slightly challenging.

For example, if you are using metal braces, you will need to be thorough while cleaning your teeth to remove every last of food particles underneath the braces. If you are using Invisalign®, be sure to remove them while brushing and flossing your teeth. Then do it normally.

Visit the Dentist as Scheduled

Typically, the dentist will schedule appointments for you during the course of the treatment. It might be every three months or less. Kindly make sure to attend these follow-up visits so the dentist can examine the progress of your treatment. During these visits, the dentist will conduct any adjustments deemed necessary. He will also provide you with specialized care tips.

Avoid Candies

You should always avoid taking a lot of candies, more so if you are under orthodontic treatment. Candies are hard, sugary, and sticky, increasing the risk of cavities and making your braces more susceptible. If you have to take something like candy, we suggest taking a chocolate. Chocolate is still sweet, but it dissolves much faster. However, just take enough and brush your teeth thirty minutes after that.

Check What You Eat

If you are using metal braces, you will need to be careful with what you eat. They can loosen and break if you are reckless with your food. Also, don’t use your teeth to bite nails, pencils, ice, or open bottle tops. Kindly try to avoid chewy, sticky, sugary, and foods that you have to bite into when using traditional braces.

However, you can eat all your favourite foods with Invisalign. Just ensure to remove the braces when eating and clean your teeth and the braces before putting them back. Never eat or drink anything with your Invisalign. You can take water, though.

Handling Common Orthodontic Problems

Traditional braces are associated with some discomforts, but you can handle most of these discomforts from home.

What to Do When Brackets Come Off

Place some orthodontic wax on the sharp edges of the brackets and cover them. Orthodontic wax can be purchased from the nearest chemist. Alternatively, you can place a sugarless chewing gum on the edges.

What Should I Do if a Wire Breaks?

If a wire breaks, just take it out your mouth to avoid swallowing it. Kindly note that if a wire breaks, it does not mean the treatment is failing. Wires often break due to repeated fatigue. It is not uncommon.

Dealing with Irritation

Although uncommon, braces can lead to irritation in the mouth, especially during meals. If that happens, use a small amount of orthodontic wax (the size of a pea) and flatten it to a tiny ball then apply it to the irritating site.

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