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Gum Grafting Can Lead To Healthier Gums

August 4, 2022

The maintenance of your gums plays a vital role in the overall health of your mouth. With gum recession comes the potential for severe concerns with the crowns and roots of your teeth. Proper gum care is the best way to prevent gum recession and protect your teeth and gums. However, if you have lost gum tissue, then gum grafting is an excellent way to restore your smile.

Causes of Gum Recession 

The most common cause of gum recession is aggressive brushing habits. When too much force is used, a toothbrush can damage the fragile tissues surrounding each tooth and lead to root exposure. It is always recommended to use either an electric toothbrush with a pressure indicator or a soft manual toothbrush to be gentle on the gum tissue.

The secondary cause of gum recession is gum disease. Gum disease includes gum inflammation that extends into the ligament and bones around the teeth. An estimated 65% of people will experience some form of gum disease at some point during life. If left untreated, gum disease can cause not only gum recession but also infection, bone loss and even tooth loss.

Other common causes of gum recession are trauma, clenching/grinding, oral piercings and functional habits such as nail biting. 

Treatment for Gum Recession 

Areas of gum recession will be measured and monitored over time. Areas of 1-2mm may be left untreated, while areas of 3mm or more may need to be addressed.

For shallow areas of recession, filling material can be placed over the root surface to protect the tooth from sensitivity and root wear. 

Flap surgery may be performed, which entails folding back the gum tissue and removing any bacteria and infected tissues. When healed, the gums will be in a healthier position.

Finally, gum grafting is the best way to restore the gum to its natural health. Gum grafting can use either tissue from other areas of the mouth, synthetic tissue, or donor tissue. 

Gum Grafting Procedure 

The grafting matrix will be sutured in place in the areas of recession. It is important not to disrupt or remove the graft while it is healing, as this will cause it to fail. Be gentle in the area for several days after treatment, avoiding hard foods that may damage the graft.

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