Gum Reduction

Gum Reduction Reshaping or Contouring

You may have never heard of gum reduction, reshaping, or contouring before but it has helped thousands of people have a more beautiful smile and more self-confidence which can affect their careers. In a Utopian world when it comes to our jobs or other aspects of our lives looks would not matter, however, we do not live in that Utopian world and looks do matter when it comes to certain aspects of our lives whether we wish to admit or not. If you are considering gum reduction or reshaping our team at Brooklin Village Dental Care can help you through the entire procedure.

What is gum reduction or reshaping?

Gum reduction, a cosmetic procedure many people do not think of when they consider how to improve their smiles. We all think of whitening and straightening our teeth but most of us never consider our gums after all, what can we possibly do about our gums?

The gum contouring procedure

The gum reduction or contouring procedure will start out with the dentist first examining your gums. Once the dentist determines that you will benefit from gum reduction or reshape then you will be giving an appointment to have the procedure done.

When you go for your procedure, you will be giving a local anesthetic to numb the gum and then depending on which your dentist thinks will provide the best results he or she will use a scalpel, laser, or radiosurgery to perform the procedure.

Aftercare of gum reduction procedure

After the gum reduction, you will need to limit your activities for the rest of that day up to 24 hours. It may take several days or weeks for your gums to completely heal. You can take over the counter pain relievers to ease the pain and you should eat soft foods the first few days.

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