How to Fix Crooked Teeth in Whitby?

How to Fix Crooked Teeth in Whitby?

May 29, 2018

Having straight teeth and a gorgeous smile is everyone’s dream. Fortunately, there a plenty of ways to fix crooked teeth Whitby without the need for braces, depending on one’s condition.

Straightening Without Braces

If a person isn’t suffering from any of these conditions, then one will be given dental treatment without the use of braces for their crooked teeth:


If the teeth appear to be a bit crooked as a result of minor overcrowding, then retainers can be used.


Trying to correct misaligned teeth through teeth misalignment treatment Whitby would entail the use of appliances to adjust the positioning of the jaw.

Narrow upper jaw

Getting the palate to widen through expanders will help open up the space needed for teeth to be in their proper positions.

Using Retainers

Fixed retainers directly bind with dental cement to the internal surface of the teeth to curb any unnecessary shifting over time. This corrects a person’s bite and help set the teeth straight. On the other hand, Hawley retainers create a dental impression of the mouth. They’re made from acrylic material and metallic wires.

Using Appliances

A Herbst appliance encourages the lower jaw to grow in a forward direction to ensure proper bite. This allows the meeting of the lower jaw and upper jaw to help straighten teeth. A headgear is another appliance that adds pressure to jaw and upper teeth. The movement initiated helps position the teeth and jaw into their correct positions.

Using Palatal Expanders

If one’s mouth happens to be too small for mature teeth later on, an emergency dentist Whitby will put in a palatal expander to open up the arch of the upper teeth. This helps the teeth to migrate to their proper positions. While braces used to be a solution for crooked teeth, dentists now have other options to fix crooked teeth without using braces.

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