How To Get Rid Of Dental Phobia With Sedation Dentistry

August 1, 2021

Some people’s refusal to visit the dentist isn’t always about finances, sometimes it could be related to the kind of dental treatment they have to undergo or the process they have to go through. The anxiety a patient has during dental treatment can delay the treatment and might cause a problem during treatment. Dental phobia can be a barrier and make a person delay their treatment which might make the condition worsen. However, dentists have found ways to help reduce anxiety and fear. This procedure is called Sedative Dentistry.

Sedative dentistry is the procedure dentists use to make a patient feel comfortable and safe during dental treatments. It is used to reduce the anxiety or dental phobia a patient feels during or before the dental treatment. Some people call this procedure, sleep dentistry. However, this is partial since not all patients have to be under the influence of general anesthesia. Sometimes the dentist only injects the affected area to numb the part that needs to be worked on. During this procedure, the patient will be awake but won’t feel anything in the area that is being treated. Are you the type that gets troubled even before the dental treatment begins? Then you should consult sleep dentistry near you.


Inhaled Minimal Sedation: This involves the use of nitrous oxide or Laughing gas sedation mixed with oxygen to sedate the patient. This dentist does this by placing a mask filled with nitrous oxide and oxygen over your nose. This gas keeps the patient relaxed and awake during their dental treatment. Depending on the dental treatment, the dentist will supervise the dose of sedation you are to be given. Unlike other sedatives, the gas wears off instantly. After the use of this sedation, patients can go on with their daily activities like driving, cooking, or other normal activities because the gas doesn’t last for long. If you are interested in getting minimal sedation before getting your dental treatment, you can visit a laughing gas dentist.

Oral Sedation: An oral sedation can either be minimal or moderate based on the dental issue and the amount of sedative the patient is to be given. Some dentists also use moderate sedatives to make the patient inactive and slow in actions making the patient unaware of what is going on around them though they are awake. This is a popular type of sedation in dentistry. It involves the use of a drug called Halcion to make the patient inactive though he or she will be awake during the dental procedure. Dentists often administer this drug an hour before they begin the dental treatment. The dentist can give the patient more dose of the drug to bring them into the moderate sedation stage where they deeply unaware and extra inactive. Sometimes the patient might fall asleep after the moderate sedation has been administered though they are not deeply asleep. You can wake them with a soft touch.

Intravenous Moderate Sedation (IV moderate sedation): Unlike the oral sedation that comes in form of a drug and can be taken from the mouth, the iv moderate sedation is administered with an injection that penetrates the vein and goes into the bloodstream thereby causing an instant reaction. This type of sedation reacts faster than oral sedation. You can book an appointment with a dentist in Whitby, ON or sedation dentistry near you.

Deep Sedation: This involves the use of general anesthesia to make the patient unconscious or nearly unconscious before a dental surgery or treatment. Dentists usually use general anesthesia for dental issues that require serious surgeries to avoid distractions from the patient that might be caused by pains or fear. The patient can not be easily brought back to consciousness until the anesthesia wears off or the dentist administers a medication that can make the general anesthesia wear off quicker than its intended time. Unlike minimal sedation that wears off quickly, a patient is not advised to drive immediately after the general anesthesia wears off.

In conclusion, the sedation that a dentist administers will depend on the level of dental treatment a patient is to receive. You can see a dentist or sedation dentistry in Whitby, ON you if you are the type that gets scared before a dental procedure. Do not panic and have a smooth dental treatment with sedation dentistry.

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