Is Bleaching Your Teeth Safe ?

Is Bleaching Your Teeth Safe ?

Apr 12, 2018

Yes, the dentists who designed teeth bleaching made sure it is safe; however, there are some side effects. Side effects of teeth bleaching Whitby are:

  • The bleaching solution can irritate your gums, the stronger the solution the more irritation
  • Tooth sensitivity can develop
  • Possible damage to tooth restoration

While these side effects are mild they can become severe so if you experience any of these side effects, you need to be sure to tell your Whitby dentist or hygienist, before you have your teeth bleached again

How is teeth bleaching done

You can do at home bleaching but the dentist can use stronger solution which will make your teeth brighter. The over the counter kits have 6% or less of hydrogen peroxide; the dentist can use a stronger level of peroxide. They will make sure that it does not get on your gums to irritate them.

If you have tooth restoration they will be able to tell you if this procedure will cause damage to the restoration making it weak. The restoration(s) also, will not bleach like your natural teeth do so there will a difference of color between your natural teeth and the restoration(s).

The bleaching kits are generally in the form of strips or gel with trays which you place on your teeth. The strips are left on for a specific time generally between 5 and 30 minutes, trays are about the same length of time. These home kits can also be uncomfortable and therefore not left in as long as they should be.

The results of home bleaching kits can be disappointing if you have unrealistic expectations. Brooklin Dental Care can help you have less disappointing results with an in-clinic bleaching as the strength is stronger than the home kits.

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