Is Jaw Surgery Safe in Whitby?

Is Jaw Surgery Safe in Whitby?

Jun 01, 2018

Jaw surgery is a dental procedure that fixes jaw problems that can’t be repaired with braces on the teeth. Prior to a jaw surgery Whitby, one will likely have braces on their teeth to migrate to a new position. Such braces will remain during the procedure and adjustments will be made several weeks after the surgery is done.


Jaw surgery is typically done inside a person’s mouth. The surgeon will be creating incisions within the jaw bone and then moving them to their proper positions. They’re secured using plates, screws, and bands/wires that can be safely left in the bone.

In certain scenarios, the surgeon may require adding additional bone to one’s jaw. In other circumstances, the surgeon will be tasked to re-shape an existing bone for an improved fit. Jaw surgery is done on the lower jaw, upper jaw, or on both.

Pain and Swelling

During the procedure, the patient shouldn’t be feel a thing. But after surgery, one may experience pain similar to a wisdom tooth being pulled out. The only difference here is that there’s more swelling.

After Surgery

The initial healing of the jaw will take around six weeks after surgery. Complete healing will around twelve weeks or longer. By this time, the Brooklin dentist will advise the patient to a number of precautions that include:

  • Practice oral hygiene to minimize risk of infection.
  • Limit diet to soft foods.
  • Curb any sticky, crunchy, or chew foods.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Avoid taking part in any physically-straining activity.


The patient will be required to visit the surgeon after the first week, third week, and sixth week of the procedure. The patient will return on the sixth week for the adjustment of braces. When the bite is corrected, the wear-and-tear of one’s teeth enhancement Whitby should appear more balanced, improving one’s ability to chew.

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