Know the Risks of Oral Piercings

December 21, 2018

Over the years, body modification and piercings, in general, have become a big form of self-expression around the world. While it is perfectly fine to express yourself however you see fit, it is best to know the risks of certain piercings, specifically, oral piercings such as the lip, labret, cheeks, and even tongue. Do you know the risks involved with getting an oral piercing?

Tooth/Gum Damage

Due to the anatomy of the mouth, it is quite common for oral piercings to rub and knock both the gums and teeth. This contact between the piercing jewelry and your mouth has been known to cause enamel erosion, tooth damage (chips, cracks, fractures) and even gum recession. Ultimately, gum recession can lead to sensitive teeth and even tooth loss.

Speech/Eating/Taste Difficulties

Depending upon the specific oral piercing, they can have a big impact on a patient’s ability to speak correctly, chew, eat, and even taste. When a piercing is first done, swelling is an extremely common side effect, often messing with people’s ability to speak and eat properly. Oral piercings can also increase saliva production which can even alter a patient’s ability to taste.

Allergic Reactions

There are a lot of “piercers” out there today, and some of them don’t use the highest quality products. In these situations, it is common for a patient to experience an allergic reaction to the metal, and this is especially true when surgical-grade metal is not used.

Bacterial Infections

The mouth is filled with bacteria, and can become very easily infected. When a piercing is performed, there is a risk that unsanitary tools may be used or that the piercing site itself is not properly taken care of. This can increase a patient’s risk of having bacterial complications and even infection.

Interested in getting an oral piercing? Be sure to consult with your dentist so that we can discuss any risks involved, proper aftercare and dental maintenance that can reduce your risk of infection and damage. Your dental health matters to us, and we would be happy to discuss your new piercing or even take a look at an existing one.

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