Oral Health: Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Oral Health: Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Dec 24, 2018

Conscious sedation dentistry is a type of sedation that helps patients relax during a dental procedure. The advantage is that patients are still conscious several hours after the treatment and are able to drive home.

Sedation dentistry has gone way back in the 18th century as dentists thrive to help more patients with their teeth problems. Now, Dr. Peter Yao offers this to help his patients successfully undergo with the dental treatment.  

How does sedation dentistry work?

Dentists prove that an anti-anxiety technique is effective and there are multiple ways to deliver it inside your body’s system.

One type of conscious sedation dentistry is taken orally. Your dentist will provide you with a prescription that you need to follow. As long as you go along with your dentist’s order, you’ll notice an increased relaxation in no time.

Laughing gas is a sedative that works after you inhale it. The mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen helps in reducing anxiety just before the dental surgery.

Another way for sedation to work is through injection. Dr. Peter Yao expertly administers IV sedation for patients who need to be slightly unconscious during the dental procedure.

While the mentioned sedatives keep the patients awake, general anesthesia works for patients who need to be unconscious.

Who can have sedation during a dental procedure?

Not everyone may receive sedation for some reasons. Conscious sedation dentistry is only required for patients who have the following conditions:

  • Dentophobia or fear of dentists and dental procedures.
  • Trauma with previous dental experiences.
  • Oversensitive oral nerves that may lead to pain and sore.
  • High resistance to anesthesia.
  • Anxiety disorder.

However, if you have cardiac disease or respiratory problems, sedation might give you complications.

At Brooklin Village Dental Care, dentists like Dr. Peter Yao requires a doctor’s clearance before giving sedatives to patients to ensure safety.

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