Periodontal Therapy

Proper daily oral hygiene can help keep your own teeth for life, as well as, regular dental checkups. Gum disease is a bacteria that not only affects the gums but the bones that support your teeth as well. Your dentist is always looking for early signs of periodontal issues that you will not be able to notice. Should he or she find any early signs, it will be recommended that you have periodontal therapy.

What is periodontal therapy?

There are many forms of periodontal therapy, however, the goal is to restore healthy gum and bone structure.

Periodontal procedures

Periodontal therapy procedures are:
Scaling: a very deep cleaning that gets below the gum line to remove tartar and plaque from the teeth to keep bacteria from breeding.
Gum grafts: sometimes, depending on the severity of the case, it is necessary to replace damaged gum tissue, this is done with tissue from other areas of the mouth.
Periodontal “plastic” surgery: plastic refers to any alteration or reshaping procedure that produces a more pleasant look of the periodontal tissues.
Periodontal laser treatment: will remove diseased gum tissue with less swelling and pain than regular surgery.
Crown lengthening surgery: used to either lengthen the tooth for aesthetic reasons or to place a new dental crown.
Dental implants: the newest way to replace teeth that involves a titanium post is placed in the jaw bone and then a crown placed on that making it look more natural.
Which one will best suit your needs will depend on how severe the gum disease is and which one your dentist thinks will best fit your needs.
Brooklin Village Dental Care has periodontists who will be able to examine your gums and teeth to make a determination as to which therapy will best suit your needs.

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