Brooklin Village Dental Care has a knowledgeable staff that stays current on all the latest products to help you have healthy gums and teeth.

We also understand that your family dental needs change with each person in the family and their age.

If you have questions on any products related to your oral health we can answer them.

Pediatric Dentist Services

Our pediatric dentist services help you teach your children the importance of good oral hygiene so that they can continue a lifetime of good oral health while making it fun for the child.

We suggest you bring your child in for their first visit around the age of 3 when they have the majority of their baby teeth so that we can examine them and watch for cavities or other issues that would cause problems to the permanent (or adult) teeth coming in correctly.

Teen’s Dentist Services

We know and understand how self-conscious teens are since we were teens ourselves so we can help your teen with their teeth.

Our orthodontics team will be able to help you make the best choices concerning your teen’s teeth when it comes to braces and correcting overcrowding or misaligned teeth.

Adult Dentist Service

Brooklin Village Dental Care knows that braces are not just for teens anymore, 25% of braces users are adults.

We also keep your oral health on track with checkups and cleanings as well as other issues such as extractions if needed.

Senior Dentist Service

When it comes to our seniors, we understand that our bodies, including our mouths, become more tender and bleed easier; so we do everything we can to be gentle and prevent unnecessary bleeding.

We also can help seniors with quality dentures, bridges, and crowns.

It is our mission to bring quality oral products and services to your entire family.