Root Canal Treatment Helpful to Eliminate Bacteria from an Infected Tooth

July 1, 2021

Root canals are a severe procedure handled by endodontic specialists practically every day. If you are recommended a root canal and don’t have sufficient information about the process, it helps to understand the facts of root canals.


The dentist near you recommends a root canal only after you report symptoms like severe pain when chewing or biting, have a chipped or cracked tooth, or swollen and tender gums. You may also experience lingering sensitivity to temperatures even after removing the sensation.


Root canal treatment helps eliminate the bacteria from an infected root canal. The therapy also helps prevent reinfection of the tooth and preserve it. When recommending root canal treatment, the dentist you consulted also recommends visiting the endodontist near you, a specialist performing root canals every day.


Root canals have a fearsome reputation making you believe you must avoid the treatment is best possible. However, it helps if you understand the treatment is designed by specialists to remove the infected or inflamed pulp from within your tooth, carefully cleaned and disinfected before filling and sealing it. Thus, the procedure helps preserve the natural tooth, which otherwise would face certain extraction from any dental professional.


What Happens When Undergoing Root Canal Treatment?


First of all, put your mind at ease because there is no need for you to remain concerned because you are recommended a root canal to treat a damaged or diseased tooth. Every year millions of teeth are often treated and finding relief from the pain they experience besides becoming healthy again.


Your tooth has different layers, with the outer layer, the enamel being the hardest. Another layer called dentin exists beneath the enamel, after which is a soft tissue, dental pulp containing blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves helping your tooth root to develop in its early stages. Survival of a fully developed tooth without the pulp is possible because it continues receiving nourishment from the tissues surrounding it.


Present-day root canals are not fearsome like the myths about this treatment. Currently, root canals from Brooklin Village Dental Center are no different from having a routine filling and completed in a couple of appointments. The condition of your tooth and personal circumstances determine whether the treatment is accomplished in one visit or two.


Getting a root canal from the dentist in Whitby is relatively painless and incredibly efficient. After undergoing the treatment, you begin smiling, biting, and chewing with ease.


When you prefer to save your natural tooth undergoing a root canal, you accrue many benefits such as efficient chewing, regular biting force and sensation, natural appearance, and protection for your remaining teeth from excessive wear and strain. All this and more because you adhered to your dentist’s advice to undergo endodontic therapy as soon as possible.


Aren’t Root Canals Painful?


If you decide to undergo this procedure immediately and visit the emergency endodontist near you, do not assume the specialist will begin performing the process directly upon your arrival at the office.


The specialist takes x-rays of your tooth to determine the extent of the damage. They also discuss anesthesia options offering you local anesthesia or sedation. Whether you opt for local anesthesia or sedation, the procedure itself is similar to getting a filling or having a wisdom tooth extracted. You won’t feel any pain during the process and another two to four hours after it. Any pain and discomfort you heard about only affect you after the numbing medication wears off. You would experience soreness and discomfort around the treated tooth for a few days, especially if you had pain before the procedure.


Managing the discomfort after undergoing root canal treatment is not challenging because the specialists recommend or prescribed pain medications to help you manage the pain. While you can resume regular activities the day following the procedure, you must exercise care when biting with the treated tooth.


You must return to the dentist in Whitby, ON as soon as possible to have the treated tooth restored with a permanent filling for a dental crown. The dentist takes x-rays of the tooth to ensure the infection no longer exists before offering you either a permanent filling or a dental crown to restore the tooth. While both options are suitable restorations, you can consider having a porcelain dental crown if you are conscious of aesthetics. Best of all, you can remain satisfied you no longer will encounter challenges when biting or chewing because the infection within your tooth does not exist.

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