Broken Tooth

If you’ve just broken a tooth, you may be wondering what your action plan should be since a broken tooth does not just hurt, but it can also be a danger to your lips, tongue, and cheeks. Fortunately, Brooklin Village Dental Care has emergency, evening, and Saturday appointments available to help you during this important time.

What to Expect During Your Broken Tooth Appointment

After an examination of your mouth, teeth, and gums, the dentist will determine the best course of action for your individual situation. Most often, treatment may include:

  • Reducing the sharp edges of the broken tooth
  • Reshaping the broken tooth
  • Placing a crown on the tooth
  • Extracting the tooth
  • Replacing the tooth with a dental implant

There are many other procedures that may come into play, but it won’t be until a thorough examination is completed that a treatment plan can be developed.

What You Can Do at Home Until Your Appointment

If you have chipped or broken tooth and you want to temporarily manage it until you can see the dentist; here are some tips on how to handle a broken tooth at home:

  • If there is bleeding associated with the broken tooth, the easiest way to deal with this temporarily until your appointment with the dentist is to use a cold compress. Take a washcloth and run cold water over it, wring it out, and then gently press it against the bleeding tooth to stop the bleeding.
  • If your broken tooth is sharp but not bleeding or causing the tooth pain, you can use some paraffin wax to cover the end of the tooth where the edges are sharp until you are able to see the dentist.
  • For broken tooth pain, you are better off using something like a numbing gel that is used on babies who are teething. If you need to take an analgesic, take Tylenol as Ibuprofen is a blood thinner and if there is bleeding it will become worse.

In Summary

The caring and professional staff at Brooklin Village Dental Care have an emergency, Saturday, and evening appointments to handle your broken tooth or other dental emergencies. Make your appointment with Whitby Dentist now.

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