Dental Braces

What You Need to Know About Braces

Having a camera-ready smile is the goal of many adults and children these days, and thanks to the many advances made in cosmetic dentistry, including dental braces and dental aligners, that smile is easier to achieve than ever!

Used for More Than Straightening Teeth

Braces are not only used to straighten teeth and fix gaps between teeth, but they can also be used to correct underbites, overbites, and a number of other misalignments of the jaw.

Advances Have Been Made in Braces

Many people dread the thought of having to wear braces, but advances in modern braces make the process a lot less cumbersome than in past decades. Don’t let what you’ve heard in the past stop you from achieving a perfect smile, make your consultation with Brooklin Village Dental Care today to find out the best treatment plan for your particular case.

Average Treatment Period

Although the average treatment period for traditional braces is two years, a consultation with your dentist will let you know important information like the length of time the braces will need to be worn in your unique situation, as well as the expected outcome for that perfect smile.

What to Expect When Wearing Braces

You may have heard stories that braces can be painful, and this is unfortunately true. Because your teeth will be shifting, there is a certain level of pain involved, but most patients report that after a short time the pain subsides. Also, it’s reported that when patients weigh the discomfort against the outcome of a perfect smile, the thought of a perfect smile prevails!

Consider Clear Braces or Clear Aligners

There are also many alternatives to the old-fashioned metal braces that can be considered such as clear braces and invisible aligners. In many cases, patients find that these alternatives are a perfect solution to achieve the results they’re seeking.

Not Just for Children Anymore

But the greatest news is that braces are not just for children anymore. Now, with the advances of clear braces and invisible aligners, adults who have spent years dreaming of a perfect smile can easily obtain one with little interruption to their normal daily life.

Ready to Learn More?

Orthodontic Treatment includes Dental Braces. If you’d like to learn more about the many options that are available in modern dentistry to help you achieve that picture-perfect smile, make your appointment today with Brooklin Village Dental Care. We have convenient Saturday and evening hours appointments available.

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