Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings Treatment in Whitby

Dental Fillings

Once your tooth has been damaged, cracked, or broken due to decay, dental fillings can be used to restore the tooth’s functionality and also prevent further damage to the tooth and your oral health. There are two primary factors to be considered before the dentist at Brooklin Village Dental Care can determine which type of tooth filling is best for your unique case. These include:

  • Determining the extent of the repair that’s needed for the tooth
  • The location of the tooth within your mouth

There are also different types of materials that can be used for your fillings, and these too will be determined based on the above factors. If you’re wondering which might work best for you, we have convenient Saturday and evening appointments available to answer all of your questions.

The different filling materials that may be considered include the following.


Amalgam, otherwise known as silver fillings, is very strong and because of that strength, it’s normally used in the back-molar area to ensure that the fillings can hold up to the pressure of chewing food.

Composite Resin

Composite resin can be composed of tooth-colored plastic which makes it an ideal choice for use in your front teeth or other teeth that may be seen when you smile. It’s also a popular choice for small cavities that are not located on chewing teeth.


Porcelain is more expensive and not as durable as composite resin; however, it looks more like natural teeth, and for that reason, it’s a very popular choice for anyone seeking a total smile transformation.


Gold can be used for fillings, but its cost makes it less popular than other options.

Understanding the Procedure for a Dental Filling

  • The dentist will examine the tooth that needs restoration
  • You will be given a local anesthesia in the gum and/or tooth area that the dentist will be performing the procedure
  • Once the anesthesia is working and you are numb to pain, the dentist will remove any decay and debris through a process of drilling and suctioning of the debris
  • Now that the tooth area has been cleaned out, the filling will be placed.
  • Aftercare instructions will be given to you as far as using any over-the-counter analgesics to manage any discomfort once the local anesthesia has worn off

It’s That Easy

If you suspect that you have a tooth that is in need of a filling, make an appointment now to have one of the caring dentists at Brooklin Village Dental Care discuss your treatment options.

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