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Laughing Gas Sedation Calms Fears

It is normal for some people to be anxious when they visit a dentist’s office, and if someone in your family is one of them, you can rest assured that Brooklin Village Dental Care can provide a solution to make your dentist visit a worry-free experience.

Learn More About Laughing Gas Sedation

Laughing Gas is the most gentle form of sedation used by dentists. It is a combination of N2O and oxygen which is inhaled to help you relax while you are awake during a dental procedure. Staying awake during the procedure has the advantage of understanding what you’re being asked to do by the dentist and then being able to do it.

Understanding the Side Effects

There are some side effects to laughing gas sedation which you should be aware of. These include:

  • A hazy memory of the procedure
  • Nausea
  • Hallucinations
  • A headache

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Laughing Gas Sedation

Now that we’ve mentioned a few of the side effects to laughing gas sedation, it’s important to point out some of the advantages:

  • Allows you to remain calm and relaxed
  • Fast-acting
  • Can be adjusted throughout the procedure as needed
  • Because it is inhaled, it’s a great alternative for patients who are afraid of needles
  • Because it leaves your body within five minutes of inhalation, there’s no long-term after-effect
  • Are there disadvantages to using nitrous oxide?

Some of the disadvantages include:

  • A difficulty for some patients to achieve a sufficient level of sedation
  • If a patient is claustrophobic and cannot handle anything over their face, laughing gas sedation may not be a tolerable option

Brooklin Village Dental Care Offers Anxiety-Free Solutions

There are other ways to achieve an anxiety-free dental visit beyond laughing gas sedation. Contact us today to learn which option will work best for your individual needs. Our dentist in Whitby would be happy to help answer any questions or concerns that you might have. If you are ready to schedule your appointment with us, you can book your visit online now!

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