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Dental Scaling Treatment in Whitby

Dental Scaling

Dental scaling or deep root cleaning may be terms that you’re not used to hearing, but once you learn more about deep cleaning and scaling, you’ll understand how important it is to your oral and overall health.

Understand More About Deep Cleaning or Scaling

Dental scaling involves Teeth cleaning below the gum line to help reduce gingivitis and periodontal disease. It’s also used to clean any debris and decay away from the teeth in order to fill a cavity, address gum disease, or perform a root canal.

How Scaling is Different from Regular Dental Cleaning

Because scaling is used for periodontal disease treatment, it’s important that the treatment goes below the gum line. When you have your regular checkup and cleaning, that procedure only cleans to the gum line; but scaling goes below the gums.

The Scaling Procedure Explained

There are a number of ways to perform a scaling procedure, but in general, your hygienist will use hand-held tools to go below your gum line to scrape away tartar and plaque from your teeth. This is done with the use of an ultrasonic instrument that uses a vibrating tip to loosen the plaque while the water flushes it away.

This deep cleaning may take more than one visit. In some cases, it may take up to four – especially if you have gum disease. The staff at Brooklin Village Dental Care will be able to let you know ahead of time what your treatment plan will look like.

How to Manage Expectations

The scaling procedure can be uncomfortable for some patients, especially those who have tender gums. If you are worried that it may be painful or uncomfortable for you, speak to your dentist about a local anesthetic to make the procedure more comfortable. You can also use over-the-counter analgesics afterward to help manage any associated pain at home since your gums and mouth may be tender.

After the Procedure

You’ll be given instructions on how to perform proper brushing and flossing techniques to keep the disease from reoccurring due to food particles and tartar again building up on your teeth and under your gums. The Whitby dentist near you may also suggest a mouth rinse to help aid you in your efforts.

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