When we think of dentures, we usually think of seniors; however, not everyone who has dentures is a senior.Adults of any age can end up with dentures for various reasons; injury or decayed teeth are the top two reasons.

Benefits of dentures

There are benefits to having dentures such as;
• The ability to chew food better as well as talk clearer
• A beautiful smile
• Looking younger
• Self-confidence to smile and laugh

Problems with dentures

Some problems can arise with dentures such as;
• Improper fit making them slide or come down, sores caused, and or pain
• Bad breathe because dentures have pores
• Teeth look big and unreal
• Bone loss since you longer have natural teeth holding the bone
• Unable to chew food well

The procedure for dentures

The procedure for dentures stars with seeing your dentist in order to determine if you need full or partial dentures.

Now, you will have a mold (impression) of your teeth done; this will be used to make your dentures from.

After the impression is made and if the dentist has a dental lab in the office, you will have an extraction done of one or more of your teeth depending on if you are getting full or partial dentures. You can get same day temporary dentures or what is called soft

If you go with soft dentures, these dentures will be realigned after a few weeks to a month depending on how quickly swelling and tenderness goes away.

Last your dentist will put dental adhesive on the dentures and you can wear them home.

Just remember you will have some soreness and pain generally an over the counter pain reliever can be used to reduce your pain level.
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