General Dental Services

General Dental Services at Brooklin Village Dental Care covers everyone in the family from pediatric, adult, and seniors.

Our dentist understand your needs and can take care of each member of your family which means as your family member needs change they do not have to change offices. Not only do they not have to change offices but chances are high that they have already met the dentist who will treat them next. This helps reduce the anxiety of finding and meeting a new dentist. Just one of the many ways we look out for your family.

Pediatric services

We recommend you bring your child in around age 3 for their visit to the dentist. Do not worry we will make it fun for them while they learn the importance of good dental hygiene which helps promote healthy gums and teeth.

We will monitor your little one’s teeth for cavities and other issues that may need to be addressed.

Teen’s needs

As your children reach their teens their needs begin to change. Teen years are the time when your child may need orthodontic care or will help with injuries from sports. Fortunately, Brooklin Village Dental Care, we can take care of those needs.

Adult services

As we age, we can experience difficulties with our gums and teeth just like the rest of our body our teeth change with age. During your adult years, you will need to be watching for gum disease, loose teeth, and signs of other oral problems that could lead to cancer.

Senior services

This is the time, where there may be a need for crowns, bridges, or dentures. We can help you with all those as well continuing scans for oral issues such as cancer.
Brooklin Village Dental Care is your family oral health organization.


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