Preventive Care

At Brooklin Village Dental Care, our team of dedicated dentists can help you form a plan of preventive care for your oral hygiene needs no matter what age group you are in.

Our pediatric dentists can help you as parents teach your toddlers how to brush their teeth properly. They can also recommend mouth rinsing agents for your child that will fit his or her particular oral needs.

When it comes to teens, preventive care may need to be addressed again if they are getting braces. The teen will need to learn how to properly brush and floss with their braces to prevent cavities or injuries to their mouth.

As adults, we sometimes get so busy with life that we forget to brush or floss properly; we cut down brushing and flossing time because we just have too much to do and as long we brush twice daily we think we are good.

That is not always the case! Not to mention as we age our bodies, teeth, and gums change; therefore, shouldn’t the tools we use to take care of our gums and teeth also change?

It may be time for a new toothbrush or toothpaste or even a new mouth rinse. Your dentist and oral hygienist can help answer any questions about the products you use or might wish to try.

We also know that when it comes to seniors the gums may become tender and bleed a little easier so the brushing and flossing habits may change. Brushing may be a little less time and flossing may not go as deep as it should. Our dentist and hygienists can help you determine if there is another toothbrush, paste, or rinse that may fit your needs.

We also know that preventive care such as fillings, braces, root canal therapy and more may be needed.

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