Should Children Get Dental Sealant on Their Teeth

March 28, 2018

Children and teens are great candidates for dental sealants Whitby. The coating is put on the surface of crown of the teeth especially the pre-molars and molars.

What is a dental sealant

The dental coating is a slender, plastic veneer brushed on the crowns of the teeth by closing up the grooves and indents and encloses over the enamel to provide a protective barrier which locks out food particles and plaque so that decay cannot begin to form on the teeth. Whitby dentist can do dental sealants easily for your children and teens

How long does dental sealant last

The dental sealant can last up to 10 years: however, the sealant will need to be checked regularly at dental appointments for chipping and wear. If the sealant has worn away or been severely chipped it is possible to place a new sealant over the tooth. Adults, while it is rare, can also use dental sealants.

How is the sealant procedure done

Brooklin Dental Care is skilled in the procedure of dental sealants for children and teens. The procedure is painless and you do not even need a local anesthesia.

  1. First, the teeth are thoroughly washed
  2. The teeth are dried completely and a permeable material is placed around the teeth to maintain the dryness
  3. Next, the chewing surface of the teeth are abraded by using acid on them, this helps the sealant adhere to the teeth better
  4. The teeth are bathed and toweled again
  5. Now the coating is brushed on the teeth, sometimes a special light will be used to help the coating dry.

Sealants can sometimes be used on baby teeth but most often it not put on until the adult teeth have come in.

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