Smile Enhancement

Smile Enhancements both Dental and Home

We all want the perfect smile but how do we get it?
A great smile can do more than just give us self-confidence, it can also get us promotions at work, and attract a love interest. Smile enhancements have become something that can be done both at home with over the counter products for whitening and at the dental office with various procedures.

The top dental smile enhancements

Cosmetic dentistry offers up several enhancement procedures, however some of those could be costly. The top 8 are:

  1. Teeth whitening in office or at home bleaches
  2. Veneers small thin layers bonded to the teeth
  3. Gum surgery contouring or reshaping of gums can give you a better smile
  4. Crowns fit over the top of the tooth not only making it look better but stronger
  5. Braces to help straighten teeth
  6. Bonding to hide stains, fill spaces, make teeth longer
  7. Bridges fills the gap between one or more missing teeth
  8. Dental implants to replace one or more teeth

The top at home ways to improve your smile

In the US alone over 1.4 billion dollars is spent on at home teeth whiteners alone to help smile enhancement. The top 8 home ways to improve your smile are:

  1. Make your oral health important by improving your overall health, certain medications can affect your oral health so staying healthy can help your oral health
  2. Whitening with home products
  3. Good oral hygiene brushing and flossing twice a day
  4. Drink plenty of water
  5. Limit acidic foods and drinks
  6. Stop smoking
  7. Use a quality toothbrush: speak to your dentist or hygienist for recommendations
  8. Regular dental visits

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