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Teeth Whitening a Brighter Smile in Whitby

As we age so do our teeth which show their age by changing colour to a light grayish yellow. Teeth are not naturally meant to be entirely white, but we all want a brighter more beautiful smile. Besides aging, surface stains from the acidic foods and drinks we consume and smoking make our teeth look dull. So how do we whiten our teeth?

Professional dentist cleanings

First, you need to have a proper oral hygiene routine; followed by regular check-ups and cleanings at the dentist. We all love the clean feeling and look after we have had our teeth cleaned at the dentist. The problem is that it does not last for 6 months until our next cleaning. There are a couple ways to help keep that clean brighter smile in between cleanings.

Whitening kits at home

There are whitening kits that you can get from your dentist to use at home, as well as, in some stores. When used appropriately these bleaching tray systems can help keep your teeth brighter after that professional cleaning and polishing at the dentist.

Over the counter whitening kits and strips

These consists of two types: abrasives and bleaches

This group consists of special toothpaste and gum that have abrasives in them. The only problem with these is they only remove surface stains and never use them to replace professional cleaning and polishing with your dentist.

The over the counter bleaches such as strips, pens, and gel trays are actually peroxide based. These are not always easy to use which makes most people who use them disappointed in the results they get. If you are considering bleaching your teeth, you really need to speak to your dentist.

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