Tooth Grinding : Possible Causes & What You Can Do

June 1, 2019

While there are many kids who overcome their habit of teeth grinding, there can be others who don’t. In such cases, intervention may be required. Tooth Grinding is also known as bruxism. Here’s a look at some factors that can be contributing to the problem.

Dental Problems

The first thing to do is see a dentist in Whitby so that he can rule out the possibility of any underlying medical issue that may be causing bruxism. Some factors that cause bruxism can be abnormal bite, misaligned bite, etc.

Medication Side Effect

Check the medications that your child is having as bruxism can be a side effect of the medicines.

Stress / Anxiety

Many people say that bruxism or clenching is related to stress. You can try to pinpoint the potential sources of stress and see if anything can be done to combat it.


You need to find out if the grinding is out of habit. If so, as parents it’s your responsibility to see that your child gets rid of the habit.


Bruxism can also be a form of stimming. It’s a way that people with autism or sensory processing disorder calm and organize themselves especially in times of stress or extreme emotions.

Oral Hyposensitivity

If your child is hyposensitive, bruxism can be a sign that they need oral input. They have little or no awareness in their mouths so they may seek out orally stimulating activities. A speech therapist may be able to help your child by suggesting gum massage, oral sensory chews, and other methods.

Global Hyposensitivity

The dentist near Baldwin says that when children have low muscle tone or awareness throughout the body, they could engage their jaw muscle while they are trying to stabilize their trunk to sit upright and therefore grind their teeth.


Children on a limited diet may still have the need to chew, bite and gnaw their food and they may need to hear it happening. Without this element of eating, they may grind their teeth in search of the tactile and auditory feedback.

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