Top 3 Procedures Done On Your Dentist Appointment

December 31, 2018

Having healthy teeth is important. Proper oral care such as daily brushing and flossing should be maintained in order to keep your teeth healthy. However, you also need the help of a dental professional to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. Hence, a dentist appointment is highly recommended for you to stay on top of your oral health.

Bacteria continuously lurk in the mouth day and night. They stick onto the surface of your teeth, below and above the gum line. There are also hard to reach areas like the back teeth where brushing and flossing would not be enough. This is where the dentist at a nearby Brooklin dental office intervenes to thoroughly clean your teeth.

Three steps done during a dentist appointment

There are three major routines performed during a dentist appointment to ensure a thorough assessment of your oral health.

1. Examination of the head and neck area.

First, your dentist does a visual examination of your head, face, neck and lymph nodes. In some cases, he may require a panoramic X-ray if it’s necessary for the evaluation. The movement of your lower jaw or temporomandibular joints (TMJ’s) will also be evaluated. This is done at a Brooklin dental office to assess if there is an existing or possible areas of concern.   

2.  Clinical dental examination.

Next, the dentist takes an X-ray of your entire teeth to check the overall condition of teeth and gums. This will form part of your dental record and will be used as reference on your next dentist appointment. He will look for loose or broken teeth and damaged fillings if you have existing restorations. He will check your bite and look for changes in the gums that cover the teeth.

3. Teeth cleaning procedure.

Then, your dentist cleans, polishes and floss your teeth to remove plaque buildup. Lastly, he applies fluoride gel to protect your teeth from bacteria. He may recommend a dental procedure based on your oral needs, such as dental filling or root canal therapy. Your next dental visit is scheduled to make sure you maintain good oral health condition. A visit to the Brooklin dental office at least twice a year is highly recommended.

Some patients may be required to see their dentist every 3 or 4 months due to their condition. Candidates are those who are pregnant, with gum disease, or with low immune response to bacterial infections.

Don’t wait for oral problems to get in the way of your health. Let your dentist help you keep your teeth clean and healthy.

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