What is Bone Grafting in Dentistry?

June 16, 2019

Often people obtain dental implant for addressing their dental issues but such procedure may not always guarantee long-lasting and pleasing results. In such cases, they may need to go with additional bone grafting treatment. Bone graft is advance procedure that ensures the best outcome from dental implant procedures.

Why Do We Lose Bone?

Natural teeth are surrounded by alveolar bone. This bone holds teeth firmly but when patient suffers from disease like periodontal disease, this bone begins to diminish. This may be because of the infectious bacteria that lead to bone loss. Whether tooth loss or periodontal disease both can lead to decreasing of width and height of alveolar bone.

When Is Bone Grafting Necessary?

In case when patient need treatment for missing teeth, a dental implant can be an effective solution. This is inserted into the jawbone to provide support for tooth loss. For such procedures, tooth must be surrounded with hard and strong bone and if this is missing one need to go with bone graft procedures.

How Will I Know If Bone Grafting Is Needed?

For such procedures and its advanced results, it is important to analyze the condition of jawbone. This can be done with digital x-rays and CT scan. This is done to ensure that alveolar bone has right strength.

What are some of the Different Bone Grafting Techniques?

There can be different bone grafting techniques which can be applied to the individual patient as per need and condition of bone loss. This is procedure completed right after the tooth is removed. This technique is used to obtain proper shape and size of alveolar bone.

What Type of Bone Will Be Used?

In bone graft technique often three types of bones can be used and this may include one’s own bone, a bone from a human donor or a bone from nature.

Is Bone Grafting Safe?

Bone graft can only be suggested after a proper analysis of your medical history. It is important to ensure whether it is safe for you or not.

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