What is Dental Bridge in Whitby?

May 25, 2018

A dental bridge is a known, affordable, and safe treatment for those with missing teeth. A dental bridge Whitby helps “bridge” the gap made with the lost teeth. The bridge contains either one or more than one artificial teeth that bonded together by a couple dental crowns.
While teeth replacements utilized in a dental bridge are made from varying materials such gold or silver, they’re typically made from porcelain for aesthetic purposes. In placing a dental bridge, the dentist will secure crowns of the teeth on one side of the gap, helping anchor the artificial teeth so they can fill occupy the space. The result is a completely restored in terms of appearance and functionality.

Attachment to Dental Implants

Dental bridges are also known for bonding with dental implants, which won’t have to depend on natural teeth for support. For such restoration, the dentist will embed small titanium-made posts within the jawbone. The posts installed will be secured throughout the restoration process.

Dental implants happen to be only dental restoration capable of mimicking the structure of the missing teeth and roots. This makes them the most stable and durable technique in effectively securing dental bridges. When one receives a dental bridge, the entire restoration process can be beneficial in terms practicality and appearance. The new teeth being put in will help restore one’s oral health and dental function. Thanks to the latest aesthetic advancements and dental technology, dental bridges today are hard to distinguish from natural teeth.

Who Needs It

Anyone missing one or more consecutive teeth is suited for a dental bridge. Having a dental bridge can help influence one’s dental function, oral health, and smile for many years to come. One should closely consult with a skilled and experienced Whitby dentist for a healthy and aesthetically teeth restoration.

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