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What Is The Tooth Crown Price In Brooklin?

November 23, 2018

If you want to know the tooth crown price in Brooklin, have your dentist evaluate your dental problem first. You may have heard from a friend that dental crowns cost that much, but it might be different in your case. Every dental bill depends on a variety of factors such as dental preparations and surgery.

The range for the tooth crown price in Brooklin would be from $500 CAD to $2500 CAD. The amount covers for the materials used and the treatment for only a tooth.

Moreover, check out these other dental services that may be necessary before your dental crown procedure.

  • Dental exams and x-ray price range would be from $100 CAD to $300 CAD.
  • Root canal treatment is around $700 CAD to $1000 CAD per tooth.
  • The dentist in Whitby might require a dental implant which is $1500 CAD to $2000 CAD for each tooth.


If you are an insurance holder, it’s best to get a hold of your insurance company so you know your privileges and benefits. Insurance often covers dental procedures that are medically required. However, the insurance coverage might not include tooth crown price in Brooklin as it’s also a cosmetic option. Some insurance providers can offer partial coverage so, it’s best to meet up with them for clarifications.

Now you’re aware that dental caps can be costly, rest assured that you get what you pay for. The dentist in Whitby at Brooklin Village Dental Care is highly-experienced with tooth crown treatments and the result with your teeth is worth every penny.

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