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What to Expect after Gum Contouring?

November 1, 2022

Gum lines are not similar for everyone. Some might have high gums, others have a low gum line, and others remain in between. Some might even have uneven gum lines. If your gum line makes you self-conscious, there are techniques to change it. Gum contouring, alternatively called gingival sculpting or gingivoplasty, is an option helpful for reshaping your gum line.

Your dentist might suggest this process if gum line issues are affecting oral health. However, do you know what it entails? This article focuses on gum contouring, how and when it is performed and what you can expect from the procedure. Therefore if you are conscious about your gum line, we suggest you continue reading this post to educate yourself.

Gum Contouring Explained

Gum Contouring in Whitby, ON, is a process to reshape and resculpt your gums performed by a dental specialist. The method includes removing excess gum tissue around your teeth. If you are affected by gum recession, the dentist restores gum tissue.

Gum contouring is an elective process in many cases, indicating it isn’t medically essential. In contrast, it is performed to enhance the looks of your gums, teeth, and smile. However, many times dentists recommend gum contouring for reasons of oral health.

When Does Come Contouring Become Medically Essential?

Periodontists or cosmetic dentists generally perform gum contouring in an in-office procedure completed in one visit. You remain awake during gum contouring but receive local anesthesia before the dentist starts working on your gums to numb the area.

When performing gum shaving, the specialist uses a scalpel or soft tissue laser to remove excess gum tissue and resculpt the gum line exposing more of your tooth. In addition, the specialist might use sutures to hold the gum tissue in place.

If you suffer from gum recession, the procedure requires the specialist to add gum tissue by removing tissue from other parts of your mouth. The surgical procedure secures the tissue around your teeth to restructure your gum line by lengthening your teeth.

The length of the process varies, pivoting on the extent of contouring needed. However, you can expect the specialist to complete the treatment in a couple of hours.

Is Gum Contouring Painful?

Gum contouring without anesthesia will cause pain, making you jump out of the dentist’s chair. However, the local anesthesia you receive before starting the procedure numbs your gums to ensure you don’t feel any pain when the specialist works in your mouth. However, you can expect some tenderness and numbness later. The discomfort you experience depends on how much reshaping or removal was needed during the procedure.

After completing gum contouring, the specialist dealing with you describes or recommends pain relievers and ice packs on your cheeks to reduce pain and swelling for a couple of days following the procedure.

How Long is Recovery after Gum Contouring?

Minimal downtime is involved after gum contouring, but you might require days or weeks to heal, depending on the severity of the surgery. You might have to limit activities for a couple of days depending on how you feel and any tenderness remaining with you. Your dentist recommends having soft foods for about two to three days because your mouth will likely remain sensitive and tender. You also receive post-surgery dietary instructions to avoid some foods as you recover. You must follow up with the dentist a few days or a week following the procedure. The visit is to monitor your gums, determine how you are healing, and look for signs of infection. Your dentist might prescribe antibiotics or mouth rinses to inhibit the risk of infections.

When Will the Results of Gum Contouring Become Visible?

The results of the gum contouring procedure become visible immediately following the process. Your teeth will appear larger and even. In addition, as the swelling subsides, the results become more evident. You will enjoy the full benefits of gum contouring after a week of receiving the treatment.

Gum contouring, alternatively called gingival sculpting, is a process of reshaping your gums and improving their appearance. Often it is used to reduce gum tissue or give you a gum lift if you suffer from gum recession because of periodontal disease. While gum contouring is considered an aesthetic procedure, it also becomes necessary to reshape your gums for oral health reasons. The procedure is generally in the office, requiring about a couple of hours. However, you notice an improvement in your gum line and begin enjoying the benefits of gum contouring within a week after receiving the treatment.

If your gum line makes you self-conscious about your smile, Brooklin Village Dental Care can help you improve its appearance by giving the gum reshaping treatment. Kindly arrange an appointment with the practice today to see how many changes you can make to your oral health and aesthetic appearance by using this process.

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