What Tools Does A Whitby Dental Dentist Use?

What Tools Does A Whitby Dental Dentist Use?

Dec 22, 2018

A Whitby Dental dentist is the go-to person for all of your dental care needs, no matter your age. If he finds that a dental issue needs special help, he will recommend for an orthodontist or a periodontist.

The Whitby dentist covers a vast scope of dental services and treatment including the following:

  • Examine your teeth, gums and jaws using an X-ray to determine and diagnose a dental problem.
  • Administer sedation or anesthesia to help you relax during a dental procedure.
  • Provide protection on the teeth, especially to your kids using dental sealants.
  • Brighten your discolored teeth with the help of teeth whitening agents, such as dental bleach.
  • Remove tooth decay and treat the damage with dental fillings.
  • Using teeth bonding, your Whitby Dental dentist also repairs fractured or broken teeth.  
  • Perform tooth extraction for severely damaged or infected tooth.
  • Prescribe medications for a dental treatment aftercare or antibiotics for a dental pain.
  • Take teeth impressions to create models for your braces or dentures.
  • Educate you about proper teeth cleaning techniques and proper diet.

Dental instruments

Dental mirror

One of the basic dental tools a Whitby dentist uses is the dental mirror. It is attached to a metal stick that serves as its handle. It is very useful to easily view the places in the mouth that are far to reach or are hard to normally see. It easily locates undetected tooth decay that are usually hiding behind the molars or the incisors.

Dental explorer

Also known as sickle probe, a dental explorer is a long metal tool with a pointy hook at the end. It’s what the Whitby Dental dentist uses to explore gum pockets and in between teeth spaces. A sickle probe is also effective in scraping off early plaque and tartar buildup.

Dental scaler

A scaler is a more effective plaque and tartar remover. It’s a tool used in root scaling and planing if you have a serious periodontal disease.

Dental drill

The dental drill is the instrument to effectively remove tooth decay before a filling. Since it can be painful, your Whitby dentist administers anesthesia first on the affected tooth. The dental drill also has a mechanism to spray water while it works so it doesn’t heat up.

These are just some of the basic dental tools to help you familiarize more about what your dentist do.