When Would the Need for Dentures Treatment Begin to Haunt You?

When Would the Need for Dentures Treatment Begin to Haunt You?

Jan 01, 2021

Your teeth help chew, speak, smile, and play a significant role in keeping your appearance and facial structure in excellent condition. What would be your condition if you suddenly lost all your teeth and the abilities you took for granted? You will undoubtedly begin searching for dentures treatment in Whitby, ON, to replace everything you lost.

Tooth loss is a familiar issue haunting people globally, but solutions are available to replace missing teeth with either dental implants, bridges, or dentures. Artificial teeth replacements like dentures have been around for over a century serving people and are still preferred by many who cannot or do not want to consider the other options. You can have full dentures if you have lost all your teeth. At the same time, you can consider partial dentures to replace one or two teeth missing from your mouth. Dentures are removable appliances created by dentists according to your specific requirements. Therefore, it would be helpful to visit the dentist in Whitby, ON, to understand how wearing dentures will prove beneficial for you.

How Do You Realize Whether You Need Dentures?

It would help if you considered teeth replacement solutions whenever you missed one or all teeth in your mouth. You will experience difficulties eating, speaking, and performing everyday activities like socializing with your friends or moving around between people. At this stage, you must visit your dentist to have the health of your gums and underlying tissue evaluated to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for complete dentures or a removable partial denture.

The Whitby dentist recommends the appropriate dental appliance for you after looking at the condition of your alveolar ridge. The dentist then recommends a dental device best suited for your specific needs. However, you must realize replacements for the missing teeth are essential when you experience tooth loss because of any reason.

Are Dentures Helpful for People without Teeth?

Dentures are essential for people with a few missing teeth or entirely edentulous archers. Dentures help with the following:

  • The primary function of your teeth is eating and chewing, and replacing your missing teeth with dentures helps to nourish yourself without compromising your diet.
  • If you haven’t realized your teeth have a significant role in your facial structure, you will understand the difference when you are confronted with the loss of teeth. Tooth loss makes you look older than you are because your face begins sagging and needs help from artificial appliances like dentures to restore aesthetics.
  • Your speech also gets affected by tooth loss. You may think the problem is inconsequential, but when you begin slurring words and cannot pronounce words correctly, you feel embarrassed and need help to correct the problem. Dentures help to restore your speech by enabling you to pronounce words correctly.
  • The most significant casualty of tooth loss is your smile and your self-esteem. Dentures can replace both regardless of whether you have lost a tooth or all your teeth.

What Kind of Dentures Are Offered by Dentists?

The type of dentures offered by dentists will depend on your unique situation. If you have lost all your teeth or must have them extracted for various reasons, Brooklin Village Dental Care may recommend you have complete dentures as a suitable replacement option.

If the tooth loss you are experiencing is limited to just a couple and you are not in favor of removable appliances, you can consider having a fixed partial denture held in your mouth by implants. The Whitby dentist provides various options to replace your lost teeth to ensure you won’t be disappointed with your artificial teeth.

Why Consider Dentures over Other Options?

When experiencing tooth loss, you will not find it challenging to come across options like dental implants and bridges besides dentures. However, if you want a non-invasive solution without extending your budget, dentures are the most suitable than other options.

Dental implants require many surgical procedures and are the most expensive teeth replacement option while also being the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. Implant placement procedure requires several months before you can have your artificial teeth eventually.

Bridges are attached to your adjacent teeth and require removal of tooth structure before the placement. Dental bridges are also expensive and can set you back by approximately $ 2000 per tooth.

Dentures by far are the most conservative option available as teeth replacement solutions. They are the most affordable, restore all the abilities you lost, and most importantly, help to maintain aesthetics that you value highly.

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