Who Needs a Dental Crown?

June 12, 2018

When one hears the words dental crown Whitby, one will likely associate it to a dental procedure and may just be the last thing to come to anyone’s mind. In truth, it’s a device that may wind up saving a person’s tooth.

A Dental crown whitby is a cap shaped like a tooth with a purpose of covering a person’s tooth. It aids in restoring the strength, shape, size, and appearance of the tooth. Crowns are structured in such a manner that the visible surface of the tooth are entirely covered.

Reasons for a Dental Crown

When it all boils down to cosmetic teeth enhancement Whitby, there are some signs that one should pay attention if a dental crown is really necessary:

A root canal

Whenever an infection makes contact with the tooth nerve, it’ll start killing it. The dentist will require draining the tooth and refilling the tooth so it can be sealed off. When that’s done, a dental crown is added so that tooth can be strengthened. This prevents damage to the tooth while enhancing its protection.

A chipped tooth

Whether a person was involved in an accident or took a hard elbow to the face, if a portion of a tooth is missing, then a dental crown is needed to help restore the shape of the tooth.

Cavities in a tooth

While a cavity from a tooth isn’t something to worry about, cavities seen on a tooth surface can make it brittle. If a dentist finds multiple cavities on a tooth, then a dental crowns can be a big benefit rather than settling for a traditional filling.

Dental crowns are considered to be the best alternative to an implant. They offer extra protection and strength while preserving one’s natural tooth. If one is showing any of the signs mentioned, set up an appointment to a Brooklin dentist to get a dental crown.

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