Why Does Blister Mouth Occur And How Is It Treated?

December 11, 2018

A blister mouth is a common occurrence in the face, usually around and inside the mouth. These tiny ulcers appear harmless until they pop and form an infection. It is essential to determine what causes this condition because blisters can be symptoms of life-threatening diseases like herpes and HIV.

At the onset of mouth blisters, let your Brooklin dentists examine it so they can give you a proper treatment.

Why does blister mouth occur?

  • Tissue trauma. Trauma in the tissues can happen when you have broken braces wires or chipped fillings. The sharp edges of these damaged dental appliances can cause lesion that can turn into a blister mouth.  
  • Pizza burn. These burns are what dentists call a thermal burn. This happens when you immediately take a bite of your pizza or food that’s freshly taken out of the oven. This affects your upper palate and while it’s healing, cigarettes and hot foods can make the sore worse.
  • Tissue irritation. The Brooklin dentists say that habits such as nail biting or straw chewing can irritate the tissues inside the mouth. Inner cheeks and inside of the lips commonly have ulcers due to this mannerism. You can ask your dentist to help you manage this habit and prevent mouth sores.


Treatments for blister mouth depends on the type of the sore. Mouth ulcers appear the same but some of them can be contagious and are posing a sign of another health disease. You can take medications such as ibuprofen to relieve the discomfort of the blister.

However, if after medications these blisters don’t go away it’s time to bring it to the dental emergency care. This can save you from acquiring late stages of serious conditions. Your Brooklin dentists are capable of detecting early symptoms of illnesses that appear as mouth blister at first.

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